Sunday, May 31, 2009


This Sunday recap is becoming a tradition. More than just the weekend needs to be recapped though. The week, like most?, flew by. Ryan sprained/did something horrible to his ankle on Tuesday (playing basketball with himself) and had to call in sick to work every single day. His foot is terribly disgusting and I would post a picture of it, but really, who wants to see his nasty foot? Not me. Yuck. It's doing a lot better today. Must be since he played golf and then played in his softball game tonight too. ha. Tuesday-Thursday he couldn't put any weight on it and was quite the gimp. Crutches and all. He'll be back to work tomorrow.

We had our garage sale all day Friday and all day Saturday since Ryan just as easily sat in the driveway as he would have downstairs on the couch. It was a BIG success! Ryan was swamped with people on Friday. It was much slower on Saturday, but we made a lot of money and got rid of a ton of stuff. The neighbors are having one this coming Friday and Saturday, so we're going to reopen again on Friday. I'll have to dig out some more stuff before then. It was kind of fun! People in Woodbury seem to be willing to pay much more at garage sales then people in my hometown. So, I had marked everything super cheap and afterwards kind of wished that I had marked things for more! A few things that I was on the fence about selling (like my bakers rack) I marked up a little more, and they sold no problem.

After the exhaustion of the garage sale (and boy was it HOT!), Ryan and I both fell asleep on Saturday afternoon and woke up at 6:30, the time we were supposed to have met friends for dinner. Woops. We made it a little late and then went to the drive-in in Cottage Grove. It was a great night for it and a gorgeous weekened. The movie was "UP", the new Pixar cartoon. It was....interesting....? We wouldn't have gone to see it in a regular theater, but the experience of the drive-in was what we were after. A bit controversial I Think? Kids movies and cartoons are so much different then they used to be!

Today I did a little shopping and some R&R. I'm reading the Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy book and it is pretty hilarious. Got it from a friend and it is a fun read. Now, time to head off to bed to get ready for another week!

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