Wednesday, May 20, 2009

1st Trimester

I've been thinking of this for awhile as I fall asleep at night and think it's a good time to post it. Some people say 13 weeks, some say 14 weeks for the end of the 1st trimester, so here it is. My pregnancy quirks and memories: 1st trimester edition. :)

A numbered list, my favorite!

1. Tired, tired, tired all the time. Getting up in the morning is not bad actually since I generally get 10-12 hours of sleep. haha. Pathetic, I know. I take a nap any chance I can get it and go to bed as early as possible. This is only slightly different than when I wasn't pregnant. ha!

2. No "morning sickness". Threw up twice, but not in the morning. I think it's because I'm so well rested then! I did have the nasty nausea here and there starting on my first day of week 6, but it officially sinks in when I'm tired especially.

3. I stopped my prenatals and switched to flintstones around week 8 or so. They're actually not even "real" flinstones, they're from trader joes and are animals. is it weird that when I take them in the morning I make sure that I take 2 that are matching colors? I consider it a bonus if the animal type AND the color matches...that means it's going to be a REALLY good day. haha.

4. I don't think I've been especially emotional or anything though Ryan will agree that I was quite the crab today. Nothing new I don't think. He said a couple of days ago that I'm more pleasant now. haha. nice. I still cry at certain commercials and when people get voted off idol, but who doesn't?! ;)

5. I love fruit. Yum. I always thought how crazy it was when I heard of pregnant people who "craved" fruit. That sounded lame to me since fruit is healthy, but YUM it is my favorite. Especially pineapple and frozen cherries. Very tasty. No complaints there! Could be worse!

6. Certain things DO NOT sound good that used to: coffee, diet cherry coke (phew!), lean cuisines/microwaveable meals, certain granola bars, chocolate sometimes (again, phew!) and unfortunately, most vegetables. Other things come and go, but those are the basics.

7. Other things I LOVE are orange juice and hot ham and cheese sandwiches from Arbys. :) I also did V8 for awhile to make up for my veggie dislike, and found that quite tasty with a little pepper! I've found that when things taste good, they taste AMAZINGLY good. Did I mention ice cream? :)

8. I think I've been less hungry overall since sometimes nothing just sounds good.

9. I've been a bit lazy with my walks, but am promising myself (and baby) that I will be better once I get some energy back! I'll make Tytan that promise too.

10. I don't LOOK pregnant yet, just chubby as usual. Ryan, maybe making up for saying I'm nicer now?, told me the other day that I look like I'm losing weight. That was 2 bonus points.

11. I sleep really well (hence the quantity of sleep!). I get up at least 1-2 times to go to the bathroom but the key is that I never turn on the bathroom light haha. I'm usually able to fall back to sleep right away. Those 1-2 times are always prior to 1:30 and then I'm good to go the rest of the night.

12. Speaking of sleep, I still flip around a lot at night but then I start feeling guilty and try to sleep on my left side even though the doctor said I don't need to yet.

13. A few crazy dreams. A few crazy dreams that I will never, ever mention. Ugh.

14. I absolutely HATE having anything in front of my mouth, especially when I'm in bed. Ew, yuck. Say, for example, I'm laying on my side with my head on my pillow. The pillow or blankets can't bunch up in any way to block my airflow or it makes me crazy. Ew. Same goes for things around my neck which sometimes affects my joy of cute scarves.

15. When I sneeze, it makes me want to throw up. That's new. Haha.

16. I don't think I've really had the "pregnancy brain" yet except for last week I had a day or two where I repeatedly lost my train of thought. I would step into another room or something and ENTIRELY forget why I went there in the first place. Thank goodness that was only temporary.

17. I am always worried about getting enough to drink. This stinks since I usually think of it at night and should try to get more to drink then but then I would have to pee more in the middle of the night. I'm trying. Really. It's my main point of stress. Almost!

18. In the last week, now that people at work know, I have been referred to as having the "pregnant glow" at least 5 times. Now what is THAT supposed to mean? Maybe they're referring to my dry and peely skin? Ew. Disgusting. My skin was way better prior to being pregnant and I don't know why people are trying to humor me. I heard this yesterday about 2 or 3 times and when I looked in the mirror I realized that my face was BRIGHT RED. RED. It was, apparently, sunburn. Sunburn because I had sat outside for a good 10 minutes or so the day before. Dumb pregnancy skin.

19. I'll also blame pregnancy on not liking my hair right now, thought it might also have something to do with my last 2 hairstylists. I won't be going back to either of them, and I will see if Anne at Juut can fix things. Isn't hair supposed to be shinier when pregnant too?

20. Just to round out the perks I'm not experiencing, my nails are just as unhealthy and brittle as always. Another crock. Maybe that will come?

21. To end on a positive note, I wouldn't trade good skin and healthy nails for morning sickness. I'll settle with what I have, thankyouverymuch. :)

2nd Trimester--here I come!