Monday, June 1, 2009

The Pregos

So, my work has a fitness challenge that starts today. Since we would be the handicaps on every other team, we decided that all of us that are currently pregnant (which really adds up to about 10) would be on a team together. So, The Pregos it is. :)

The challenge is only for eating healthy and getting minutes of exercise....certainly not about inches or pounds lost. ha. We'd all be great at that!

Kind of a fun incentive to get my walks in! :)


  1. What about kickball? I managed to do it while I was pregnant. Time to put on your tight spandex and show off that belly!! ( By the way Im just teasing I dont know if your showing yet or not, I doubt it, but I cant wait!!!)

  2. Never. Absolutely not. I had a major injury last year during kickball and I wasn't pregnant then. No way!

  3. Maybe we can put you at catcher you can't get hurt there. Wait