Monday, June 29, 2009

Baby on the BRAIN!

Oh boy...all I can think about every night is this baby! I spend the majority of my evenings with my computer searching online for bedding, carseats, strollers, WALL ART!, and everything else. I'm going nuts. I'm not ready to BUY anything necessarily, but I CAN'T STOP LOOKING!

The countdown til July 10th is in progress! Once we find out what it is, THEN I can actually make these things a reality! Woo-hoo!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend Recap

We had quite a lazy weekend around here!

Saturday we were productive for a little bit and got the garage cleaned up (mostly) from the garage sale. We decided to make a spontaneous trip to the Mall of America for dinner and a little shopping.

We had dinner and Bubba Gump's and it was delish! As if dinner itself wasn't enough, we shared the chocolate chip cookie sundae which was pretty much amazing! Good thing we did some good mall walking after that! yum!

Today I finally tracked down a new pool for Tytan since his has holes in the bottom. He does like the pool quite a bit. Fat dog in a little pool! :)

Tonight: I went to Ryan's softball game. They are 4-4. Here's the thing: they only win games that I don't go to. Seriously! I hadn't gone to the last 4 games and they won them all. I went tonight and they lost. I'm thinking that maybe I shouldn't go next time? Ryan, however, did get 2 homeruns over the fence even though his team got spanked. Here's the link to their team blog, at Ryan's request. :) I might just test the jinx next week and go to see if they can actually win while I'm there. We'll see.

Off to bed soon for another amazingly fast flying week I'm sure.


I took down the slideshow. Here's a picture week 1 (which was really week 5) and one from tonight at ALMOST 19 weeks (tomorrow).

Week 5:

Week 18:

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Another week has flown by and where did June go?! Holy moly! I can't believe how time flies.

I had such a productive week this week at work. I know it's too early to "nest", but I think that's the equivalent of what I did this week. I got so much done and it feels SO good! Now, the weekend is ahead of us and all we're planning on doing is some cleaning/packing, and finally getting stuff put away from our garage sale. It will be nice to have all of that done too!

I got to see "My Sister's Keeper" yesterday with a friend (since Ryan refused to see it even when I begged). I had already read the book, but still had to see it obviously! It was really good. REALLY, REALLY sad of course. It did move a little slow, so I won't say I LOVED it, but I'm sure that when it comes out on video I will rent it and watch it again (and cry my eyes out again). ;)

I forgot if I mentioned in a previous post that Tytan doesn't even TRY to jump up on our bed anymore? Life is good!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Bummer- tack an extra 2 days onto that date for finding out. Looks like we have to wait til the 10th now. Darn work meeting!


Time to vote whether you think we're having a boy or a girl! We find out soon (yet not soon enough!), so vote now.

Ryan-- you only get to vote BOY once! ;)

Monday, June 22, 2009



We get to find out on July 8th. Holy moly! So excited!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's been awhile!

Long time, no blog. My computer caught a nasty virus, so I was computer-less for awhile. Sorry to those of you who are my facebook friends and got soem freaky lil message from me. Woops. Totally not me, of course, but annoying just the same!

So, today we went to my grandpa's for Father's Day. I got many a comment on my belly and I think that it means that yes, I have popped a little bit, and that the shirts I've been wearing this weekend do make me look more pregnant. Here's the beauty of it though: this could be the same belly I've always tried to cover with normal clothes throughout life; now, instead, I can wear things more fitting to it and blame it on being pregnant. Beautiful, no? :)

Feeling good though. I've still been pretty darned tired and am wondering if that will EVER STOP? I know it won't stop once the baby comes, so if I could just have an entire day of feeling rested NOW, that would be lovely.

Speaking of sleeping though, we have a success story. Tytan has not slept in our bed since the first time I posted about it. Now he doesn't even try to jump up. It's awesome! He mostly sleeps out on the couch now instead of in our room, but sleeping on the couch is definitely the lesser of two evils. It's wonderful. Really. Parenting success one. Check.

That's all. Just having a relaxing weekend and waiting for Ryan to get home from his softball game so we can attempt a homemade taco pizza. Yum! :)

Friday, June 12, 2009


We got to hear the little bugger's heartbeat again today. :) That was #2. Appts are so quick and we really don't have many questions. BUT next appt? ULTRASOUND! YAY! Can't wait! I'm calling to schedule the appt but it should be in 3 1/2 to 4 weeks....woo-hoo! Then we will (try to) find out if we're having a boy or girl. THEN the fun begins!

After reading "Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy" I have been freaking out a little. It seems to give the realistic view of pregnancy and labor which is freaky. So, today I brought it up at work to the girl who lent it to me (who is expecting baby #3). She continued to give me the low down dirty truth such as not bonding with baby right away, feeling horrible, wondering why you did this in the first place, etc. Then, another older lady at work ran back shaking her finger at us because SHE had a fabulous experience with labor and delivery (as did one other innocent bystander) and she did not want me to have to hear such horrible things. According to her, it is all about mindset. She said she went in with her mind made up that 1) her water would break, 2) she'd go into labor and have to push, then 3) she would have a baby....and that's what she got. SOOOO, moral of the story: I'm going to try to start thinking positively....and not freak myself out...


Sunday, June 7, 2009


OK, so I added pics.

Couple of things:

1) Do not look at my face. If you insist on it, at least don't judge me. Ick.
2) They start on the day we found out. 5 weeks.
3) I think I'm showing a teeny bit. Not much. Stuff still fits, but a bit.
4) I'll keep adding every week or so. We've been pretty darn good about our weekly pics.
5) Ick.

Parenting 101

Ryan and I...well...I had a good parenting test this weekend. Getting the baby out of the bed. Ha.

Don't look his innocence fool you! Imagine THIS sprawled out with BOTH of us in a queen sized bed every night. Yikes. Ryan and I are not small people, and I'm certainly not getting any smaller (nor is the dog). So...operation get the dog out of our bed.

So, here's our attempt. Note that it is indeed made of fabric and fluff...some of Tytan's favorite chewing materials. Oh boy.

Last night I gave it at try. I mean, this dog sleeps with us every single night we've had him practically. Not curled up nicely at the foot of the bed as some dogs might (keep in mind he is 95 lbs) He likes to lay right between my legs all curled up. Lately though, he seems to have taken up residence a little bit more on Ryan's side of hte bed which is why we bought him a bed. I'm obviously the more tolerant of the two.

Not last night though. I was the one who had to play bad cop. Tytan and I went to bed first. I pulled his up next to my side of the bed (obviously) and tried to get him to sit in it. He went nuts and ran out of the room. Next attempt, he did lie down. Then, when I turned the light off, he jumped up on the bed. I tried to wrestle-wrangle him out of our bed and back into his. Phew. One more round of that after lights-out and we were somewhat "good to go". I just had to lay with one arm hanging out of the bed for awhile so he knew mama was right there. :)

Two attempts to jump up in the middle of the night. That's it. He pretty much stayed in his little spot the whole time. We made sure to give him lots of affection today to let him know we still love him. Honestly I don't think I slept any better last night (I was feeling too guilty about my baby sleeping on the floor. Ha). Maybe tonight? I sure did have more leg room, that is for sure.

I kept thinking of the couple of episodes of seen of Super Nanny where she tries to wrangle kids into bed. Consistency is the key. Wish me luck tonight!

While we're on the subject. Here's Ryan's parenting attempts this weekend. Poor dog. ;)

Fat dog in a little stroller. Sorry for the full frontal. :)

We'll make GREAT parents with all this practice, right? HAHAHAH!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Weekend Forecast

Rain / Wind High


Perfect weekend for camping right? Not so much. So, even though the truck is packed, the groceries are all bought, Ryan and I decided to postpone until next weekend when, hopefully?, the weather will be better.

My forecast instead:
Pedis and lunch with Kari, who is due next week, tomorrow morning. Then, according to Ryan we are going to start packing and cleaning. I'm not living out of boxes for 2months, but I'm positive there is stuff we can live without touching during that time.

Happy weekend!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

15 Weeks

15 weeks and our next appt is next Friday. Still one more ENTIRE month until we find out if it is a boy or a girl. Ugh.

I estimated today that I know (as in work with, friends, etc., not random people) approximately 15 pregnant people. That seems like a lot, doesn't it? That's a lot of babies (not to mention one of those people is prego with TWINS!). The oddest part is that 10-12 of them are all due Nov-Dec. Holy baby boom.

I switched back to my big girl vitamins a week ago. So far so good. No more Flintstones.

This week I'm LOVING fruit snacks. Ate about 4 packs of gushers the other day (in about 10 minutes). Yum! :)

Still not really showing. Little bit of a pooch, but I think I've always had that to some extent. All my clothes still fit fine right now.

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Pregos

So, my work has a fitness challenge that starts today. Since we would be the handicaps on every other team, we decided that all of us that are currently pregnant (which really adds up to about 10) would be on a team together. So, The Pregos it is. :)

The challenge is only for eating healthy and getting minutes of exercise....certainly not about inches or pounds lost. ha. We'd all be great at that!

Kind of a fun incentive to get my walks in! :)