Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I feel like I'm at risk of jinxing myself here, but boy has sleep been great lately.

I've always noticed that whenever I had been sick in the past, I would be able to sleep all day and then still sleep ok at night (as opposed to other times when I would take a late nap and then be up all night).

I find that pregnancy is pretty similar. I can fall asleep from 6-7 and still go to bed at 9 and sleep like a rock. If I wake up in the morning with having only 1 bathroom break in the middle of the night, I am quite the happy girl (that bathroom break is always right when Ryan gets home from work around 2. He gets in bed. I wake up and go to the bathroom. Hardly fails.). Sleep has been pretty darn good! No complaints here!!! I'll enjoy it while I still can, right?

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