Sunday, October 24, 2010

Walka, walka, walka

He walks!

Conley first took steps...what...2 weeks ago now?! His first steps were stellar--literally about 8 of them right from Ryan to me. After that he seemed to regress and the steps were minimal.

But now?

It's official. Little man is a-walkin. We're talking across rooms, around corners, turns, the whole 9-yards.

What a little stud. :)

The video? Oh yes. That. Our video camera was being borrowed by a friend when our sweet little firstborn took his first steps. I'm ok with it though, obviously. ;)

Sunday, October 17, 2010


I thought that the inchworm pictures would be a good way to show how he's growing by taking one each month. The most recent attempt at a photo shoot is definitely worth sharing.

Exhibit A...

I think we'll call this quits at 12 months, no?


I was talking to a mom the other day who said that she is so anal that she didn't let her kiddos feed themselves until they were able to feed themselves with a spoon.









PS- Dear Sister....did this post make your blood pressure go up just a little? Mwa-haha!

Fall Fun

In an effort to continue blogging a little more consistently, here's an update along with some pics I've finally uploaded to my computer.

Apple Orchard--we hit up Aamodt's Apple Orchard in Stillwater a few Sundays ago (ok, so it was about a month ago). It was PACKED! Ryan's sisters and Rachel and Preston were up for the weekend so we all went. Conley had his first hay ride which he thought was pretty cool apparently.

Family picture.

After the orchard, we headed to the Teddy Bear Park in Stillwater which is SO COOL and a must-go-to if you have never been there. Again, Conley approved. (We went again yesterday and he wasn't quite as interested...much more interested in clinging to me).


Don't be fooled. He's really having a good time! Promise! :)

To keep up with the FALL FUN THEME :) I was so excited to find that the apple tree in our backyard had lots of apples that my neighbor lady told me would ACTUALLY be ok to eat! Score! So, here's Conley and Uncle Keagan pickin' some apples which were promptly washed, peeled, and made into a delicious apple crisp. Nothing can be better than apple crisp from your very own tree, right?

So, there you have it folks. We are LOVING this weather and savoring every moment of it!

More posts to come!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Brutish boy

Well, Conley may not be able to walk yet, but he sure can climb a slide like no other! Oh dear, each day I worry about what I have in store for me being the mom of a BOY!

Yup, my baby boy with the runny nose, bruise under his eye from hitting himself in the face with Thomas the Train, 2 1/2 teeth that he proudly displays to anyone that smiles at him. He has no fear. Up and down the slide. Up and down the step into his bedroom. So fun to see him explore, but SCARY!

He's developing quite the "personality". Yesterday we went to "Baby-garten" at the Library here in town and there were about 10 kiddos there, all under 2. They all came in quietly and started playing with their toys...not my boy! No, he crawled up on all the toys shouting and carrying on the whole time. Hilarious! I'm sure the other moms were scared of the brutish boy with the bruise under his eye who was nearly knocking over their kids. It was near the point of embarrassing, no lie. BUT he loved it and did great with the music/story time. Afterwards the lady who led it said "He sure had a good time. He's the life of the party!". Haha. Again, if only I knew what was in store for me ahead.

Being a mom is a crazy, funny, humbling, nerve-wracking, and amazing thing!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I'm baaaack! least I'll make an attempt! :)

To be fair, this quiet Sunday morning feels really strange because we seriously haven't had one of these in a long time. So much has happened since I last posted! Here's where we're all at.

We bought a house and moved to New Richmond, Wisconsin!
I turned 28 yesterday.
Conley is 10 months old and his 1 year birthday party is NEXT month!
Ryan's brother, Keagan, has been living with us for a month.

OK. So, that puts us at the present.

As for Conley, he is no longer a baby. He's a toddler. No lie. He hasn't mastered the "toddling" yet, but he looks like a real boy. He's in to everything and is all over the place.

He LOVES Tytan and yesterday has the first day where he really got to "PLAY" with his cousins Anna and Ryan when they came to visit. He was all over the place with them--going down the slide, pulling himself up on his playset. So fun to see him like that.
He is apparently at the stage where if I walk around the corner he thinks I've fallen off the face of the earth; therefore, I'm forced to sneak out of the room when he has his back turned or else I'm followed by quickly crawling baby. :) It's nice to be so loved though, right?

I need to get back in the swing of this blogging thing, but I'll make an honest attempt.

And NO. I'm not pregnant. Ha. Just living life and forgetting to blog about it!

Here's a few pics to get us up to speed.
@ our old house (June)

In his pool @ the new house (July)

@Nick and Katie's 70's themed wedding rehearsal (August)

@Como Zoo with Brenda, Corey, Anna & Ryan (August)

So, there we are. Here's hopes for a better blogger ahead. :)