Saturday, May 2, 2009


Today! There will be pictures posted! I was so excited to get out of bed this morning and get them on here now that Ryan found me a new cable. Of course, the battery on my camera was dead though, so now THAT is charging. I have so many pics trapped inside it and am especially excited about the "REVEAL" ones of Austann and Sammy especially. Fun stuff.

Should be a wonderfully relaxing weekend. It's Ryan's first real weekend off since he gave 2 weeks at his PT job a few weeks ago. So, we have no plans other than going to garage sales and, perhaps, Ihop. :)

My sister came up yesterday and we entirely changed around our entire apartment. Entirely. I like it alot. It's crazy different though. Obviously we have to make room for the little one, so it took a little creativity to put all Ryan's stuff elsewhere (since baby's room was once Ryan's man cave). :)

Pictures soon. Promise!

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