Sunday, May 31, 2009


This Sunday recap is becoming a tradition. More than just the weekend needs to be recapped though. The week, like most?, flew by. Ryan sprained/did something horrible to his ankle on Tuesday (playing basketball with himself) and had to call in sick to work every single day. His foot is terribly disgusting and I would post a picture of it, but really, who wants to see his nasty foot? Not me. Yuck. It's doing a lot better today. Must be since he played golf and then played in his softball game tonight too. ha. Tuesday-Thursday he couldn't put any weight on it and was quite the gimp. Crutches and all. He'll be back to work tomorrow.

We had our garage sale all day Friday and all day Saturday since Ryan just as easily sat in the driveway as he would have downstairs on the couch. It was a BIG success! Ryan was swamped with people on Friday. It was much slower on Saturday, but we made a lot of money and got rid of a ton of stuff. The neighbors are having one this coming Friday and Saturday, so we're going to reopen again on Friday. I'll have to dig out some more stuff before then. It was kind of fun! People in Woodbury seem to be willing to pay much more at garage sales then people in my hometown. So, I had marked everything super cheap and afterwards kind of wished that I had marked things for more! A few things that I was on the fence about selling (like my bakers rack) I marked up a little more, and they sold no problem.

After the exhaustion of the garage sale (and boy was it HOT!), Ryan and I both fell asleep on Saturday afternoon and woke up at 6:30, the time we were supposed to have met friends for dinner. Woops. We made it a little late and then went to the drive-in in Cottage Grove. It was a great night for it and a gorgeous weekened. The movie was "UP", the new Pixar cartoon. It was....interesting....? We wouldn't have gone to see it in a regular theater, but the experience of the drive-in was what we were after. A bit controversial I Think? Kids movies and cartoons are so much different then they used to be!

Today I did a little shopping and some R&R. I'm reading the Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy book and it is pretty hilarious. Got it from a friend and it is a fun read. Now, time to head off to bed to get ready for another week!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Sweet 16 Little Ryan!

OK. So he's only 4, but I definitely can see this picture in the paper on his 16th birthday. Hahaha.

Sprinkler fun

Too cold for running through the sprinkler? Never fear. That's why rain coats were made, obviously. :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

What a beautiful weekend! I don't think we could have asked for much nicer of weather for a 3 day weekend. I was originally thinking I'd do some work today to eliminate a day of PTO, but decided to make the most of it and just enjoy a day off. It was a productive one.

Saturday-- (might i add that it took me and Ryan a whole consultation with one another as I was about to write this because neither of us could remember WHAT we did on Saturday!). Got it. We went to a super beautiful wedding! :) Ryan's football teammate Kap got married in the cities, nice and close drive for us. Ryan got to catch up with a few old teammates and we had a good time. They had AMAZING food and a super cool dessert buffet instead of just serving wedding cake. Every wedding I go to and tell Ryan how I wish we wouldn't have gotten married first...I pick up some new and cute idea at every one. Maybe that means it is a good thing that we went first? Simpler?

Sunday-- Went to Brenda's. Hung out outside all day and I have the sunburn to show it. I'll take sunburn temporarily over being such a whitey. It was fun to see the kiddos for a bit and just hang out with the fam. Pics to come of them.

We were exhausted last night but managed to fit in the movie "Memento". Very strange. It's one of those that makes you feel a little crazy after watching it...maybe that was just me? Not bad, but very odd. It made my brain hurt. :)

Today-- Very productive! Ryan did lots of yard work, mowing and patching the pee holes the dog leaves on our grass. I finally got my pots all planted and did some more cleaning and organizing in the garage. I have a LOT of stuff for this garage sale, and again, I'm thinking that I might need to move before August or my walls might be bare until then! Did a little grocery shopping, made some homemade pizza for dinner, then we watched "Bride Wars". Cute movie! I cried a lot during it, but I think that might have just been me. ;)

Now, we just did the 14 week pic and I'm off to bed. A few days of work and it's the weekend again! Nice!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Garage Sale

We're having a garage sale!

My mom is coming up next weekend (already?!) and we're doing one on Saturday. YIKES. So much to do before then. I started cleaning up the garage and organizing while Ryan was at work tonight and now I am exhausted!

It's hard to know what to keep and what to take with us when we move, so for the most part, I'm just selling everything. For example, I came in to use the bathroom quick and left the bathroom holding a picture, a towel/shelf thing, and my jewelry rack which were all added to the sale. haha.

By the time I'm done, I think we better move sooner than August. My walls are going to be bare until then by the time I'm done. Clean sweep!!!

**We went and saw the other house today and it is really, really similar to ours but it has what I've been wanting for a really, really long time: a kitchen island. VERY thrilled about that. 1 more bedroom than we have now but all 3 are a little smaller. Ryan gets his man cave back too which is good for all of us. :) The major downfall??? Ryan's 50 minute drive to and work. Yuck. As of now, we're planning on waiting til August to move (since I'll be 7 months pregnant and all...why not, right? ha).

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

1st Trimester

I've been thinking of this for awhile as I fall asleep at night and think it's a good time to post it. Some people say 13 weeks, some say 14 weeks for the end of the 1st trimester, so here it is. My pregnancy quirks and memories: 1st trimester edition. :)

A numbered list, my favorite!

1. Tired, tired, tired all the time. Getting up in the morning is not bad actually since I generally get 10-12 hours of sleep. haha. Pathetic, I know. I take a nap any chance I can get it and go to bed as early as possible. This is only slightly different than when I wasn't pregnant. ha!

2. No "morning sickness". Threw up twice, but not in the morning. I think it's because I'm so well rested then! I did have the nasty nausea here and there starting on my first day of week 6, but it officially sinks in when I'm tired especially.

3. I stopped my prenatals and switched to flintstones around week 8 or so. They're actually not even "real" flinstones, they're from trader joes and are animals. is it weird that when I take them in the morning I make sure that I take 2 that are matching colors? I consider it a bonus if the animal type AND the color matches...that means it's going to be a REALLY good day. haha.

4. I don't think I've been especially emotional or anything though Ryan will agree that I was quite the crab today. Nothing new I don't think. He said a couple of days ago that I'm more pleasant now. haha. nice. I still cry at certain commercials and when people get voted off idol, but who doesn't?! ;)

5. I love fruit. Yum. I always thought how crazy it was when I heard of pregnant people who "craved" fruit. That sounded lame to me since fruit is healthy, but YUM it is my favorite. Especially pineapple and frozen cherries. Very tasty. No complaints there! Could be worse!

6. Certain things DO NOT sound good that used to: coffee, diet cherry coke (phew!), lean cuisines/microwaveable meals, certain granola bars, chocolate sometimes (again, phew!) and unfortunately, most vegetables. Other things come and go, but those are the basics.

7. Other things I LOVE are orange juice and hot ham and cheese sandwiches from Arbys. :) I also did V8 for awhile to make up for my veggie dislike, and found that quite tasty with a little pepper! I've found that when things taste good, they taste AMAZINGLY good. Did I mention ice cream? :)

8. I think I've been less hungry overall since sometimes nothing just sounds good.

9. I've been a bit lazy with my walks, but am promising myself (and baby) that I will be better once I get some energy back! I'll make Tytan that promise too.

10. I don't LOOK pregnant yet, just chubby as usual. Ryan, maybe making up for saying I'm nicer now?, told me the other day that I look like I'm losing weight. That was 2 bonus points.

11. I sleep really well (hence the quantity of sleep!). I get up at least 1-2 times to go to the bathroom but the key is that I never turn on the bathroom light haha. I'm usually able to fall back to sleep right away. Those 1-2 times are always prior to 1:30 and then I'm good to go the rest of the night.

12. Speaking of sleep, I still flip around a lot at night but then I start feeling guilty and try to sleep on my left side even though the doctor said I don't need to yet.

13. A few crazy dreams. A few crazy dreams that I will never, ever mention. Ugh.

14. I absolutely HATE having anything in front of my mouth, especially when I'm in bed. Ew, yuck. Say, for example, I'm laying on my side with my head on my pillow. The pillow or blankets can't bunch up in any way to block my airflow or it makes me crazy. Ew. Same goes for things around my neck which sometimes affects my joy of cute scarves.

15. When I sneeze, it makes me want to throw up. That's new. Haha.

16. I don't think I've really had the "pregnancy brain" yet except for last week I had a day or two where I repeatedly lost my train of thought. I would step into another room or something and ENTIRELY forget why I went there in the first place. Thank goodness that was only temporary.

17. I am always worried about getting enough to drink. This stinks since I usually think of it at night and should try to get more to drink then but then I would have to pee more in the middle of the night. I'm trying. Really. It's my main point of stress. Almost!

18. In the last week, now that people at work know, I have been referred to as having the "pregnant glow" at least 5 times. Now what is THAT supposed to mean? Maybe they're referring to my dry and peely skin? Ew. Disgusting. My skin was way better prior to being pregnant and I don't know why people are trying to humor me. I heard this yesterday about 2 or 3 times and when I looked in the mirror I realized that my face was BRIGHT RED. RED. It was, apparently, sunburn. Sunburn because I had sat outside for a good 10 minutes or so the day before. Dumb pregnancy skin.

19. I'll also blame pregnancy on not liking my hair right now, thought it might also have something to do with my last 2 hairstylists. I won't be going back to either of them, and I will see if Anne at Juut can fix things. Isn't hair supposed to be shinier when pregnant too?

20. Just to round out the perks I'm not experiencing, my nails are just as unhealthy and brittle as always. Another crock. Maybe that will come?

21. To end on a positive note, I wouldn't trade good skin and healthy nails for morning sickness. I'll settle with what I have, thankyouverymuch. :)

2nd Trimester--here I come!

Big Move

We're moving. joy.

haha. Well, we're moving to Brooklyn Park. To another group home. for free. but still.

We've been seriously deliberating, but the idea of another couple of rent-free years is too good to pass up. So, we're uprooting our lives (ok, our house) and moving. We're not sure when. It will be between now and August. The longer we wait, the less work I have to help with, right? ;)

I'm bummed about it but will do it because it's either that or buy a house. I think that our new place will be even bigger than where we are now, which is nice. It's going to give Ryan a 45 min drive to work every day, but luckily he would never have to worry about rush hour given his goofy hours.

Moving and packing, here we come!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Saturday- I had my first experience at Canterbury for the horse races. Ryan, Kari, Tyler, Nick, and Dustin all went and it was pretty fun! I must say that I'm pretty lucky because I picked the winning horse for 4 races in a row out of 7 total races. NOT bad for a beginner! It was a little chilly, but otherwise it was a fun way to spend a Saturday. We ended the day even since Ryan got lucky with his last bet. That added to the day, for sure! :)

Today I spent most of the day in my pajamas before realizing how beautiful it was outside, so Tytan and I went for a walk. It's GORGEOUS! Then we gave him his first outdoor bath of the season (boy did he need it). Observe:

Tytan looking very "hippoish". No?

All clean!

NOW the decision of the night is: a) go to Ryan's softball game at 7:45 in Hudson OR b) Watch the Desperate Housewives 2-hour FINALE tonight!

Ugh. I'm torn. Pretty sure that good wife is going to prevail on this one and I'm going to the game. Oh how I love DH though and this is the FINALE. I'm on the edge of my seat.... at least ABC lets you watch them online the next day, so again, I'm pretty sure my "seat" at that time will be foldable sitting next to the dugout. Man, I'm a good wife. ;)

Saturday, May 16, 2009


I don't know how I forgot to mention this yesterday in my post, but I also found out something else "interesting" yesterday. My blood type is O-. Who knew? I never did.

Apparently this means I need to get a shot at 28 weeks and another shot 72 hours after the baby is born. Shouldn't matter for this baby, but apparently, unless Ryan is a negative blood type too, baby could be a positive and then with the second one my body could try to resist it. How scary does THAT sound?!

I did lots of looking online yesterday and it sounds like the shot is absolutely necessary and it really does the trick, so normally there are no problems. NOT a fun thing to think about though, of course.

And oh, how I love shots!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Guess what?

There is really a baby inside me!

We heard the heartbeat today!!! What a relief! :)

Ryan and I had a quicky-appt this morning at 12 weeks. Still really liking our doctor. She's really nice and I like how she is kind of relaxed and very friendly.

Did the handheld doppler and BAM! There was the baby's little heartbeat. How amazing is that?

I feel better now (mentally) than I have this whole 12 weeks now that I know there is really and truly a little heart beating in there. Cool, cool, cool!

Now, 2 months til we get to find out if it is a boy or girl (and YES, WE ARE FINDING OUT!!!!). That feels like a long ways off, but I'm sure it will be here soon enough. I'll enjoy the anticipation without letting it make me crazy I hope. :)

Should be a relaxing weekend. Ryan's working tonight and I rented a couple of movies. Tomorrow we're heading to Canterbury to the horse track. I've never been there, so hopefully it will be fun!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I feel like I'm at risk of jinxing myself here, but boy has sleep been great lately.

I've always noticed that whenever I had been sick in the past, I would be able to sleep all day and then still sleep ok at night (as opposed to other times when I would take a late nap and then be up all night).

I find that pregnancy is pretty similar. I can fall asleep from 6-7 and still go to bed at 9 and sleep like a rock. If I wake up in the morning with having only 1 bathroom break in the middle of the night, I am quite the happy girl (that bathroom break is always right when Ryan gets home from work around 2. He gets in bed. I wake up and go to the bathroom. Hardly fails.). Sleep has been pretty darn good! No complaints here!!! I'll enjoy it while I still can, right?

Monday, May 11, 2009

Week 12

Woo-hoo! This week baby is already the size of a PLUM! Can't believe it. That seems HUGE compared to it's past green olive and poppyseed statuses. Geesh.

We have an appt this Friday and am really excited. Ryan keeps saying we'll hear more than 1 heart beat, but that would be a LOOOOOOOOOONG shot. (RIGHT????).

On a side note, if I didn't have this plum inside of me, I would be on my way to Costa Rica right now! Weird! Josh and Michelle and Brad and Kirsten took off this morning. They decided that Mexico wasn't the best option anymore, so they were able to swap last week. Good choice I think. Should be a blast! I'm bummed to miss out on the trip with everyone, but have a very important job growing this baby while they're gone. haha.

Josh and Michelle's Wedding

What a fun and tiring weekend! Here's a few of the 200+ pics I took. More to come later. Off to work soon.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I just noticed how the ticker above says "only" 201 days to go. Really? Only? I think they should reserve the only qualifier to at LEAST the last trimester. Jeepers.

Long week--fun weekend!

Phew! I'm taking a 1/2 day tomorrow and have the day off on Friday for JOSH AND MICHELLE'S WEDDING--WOO HOO! I can't wait!

I haven't felt especially busy these past couple of weeks and have been taking full advantage of shorter days, working on my computer later at night, etc., but BOY oh BOY these past 2 days have been LONG. No naps, no breaks, full days of meeting to meeting to meeting and, the worst part, I haven't been able to get to bed til 10. Horrible, I know! ;)

Today it caught up with me and I pretty much collapsed in my bed from 6 til 7 tonight. 2 days of run, run, run is TOO much and my body let me know.

I need to start training for this weekend though...definitely won't be early evenings. Did I mention how ridiculously excited I am about Josh and Michelle's wedding? Ahhhh.

Here they are at Brad and Kirsten's wedding in June (which is one of the reasons I'm so excited about their's...the last one was ridiculously fun)...


On another note, I find work quite humorous right now for another reason. There are SIX, count 'em, SIX maternity leaves happening between October and December right now at work. That doesn't include me because I've only told my boss and a couple of others. So, the funny part is when we all joke about this enormous number of babies being born during that time and people make references to babies being planned around holidays so we get holidays off,etc. I can't wait for these same people to find out that I'm joining the masses. I'm the only one of the 6 whose having my first, and 2 of the 6 JUST RETURNED FROM MATERNITY LEAVES NO LIE! Scary stuff. Ew.

Anyway, that's all for the weekend til probably Sunday.

Monday, May 4, 2009

11 weeks

Gotta love the updates from

How your baby's growing:
Your baby, just over 1 1/2 inches long and about the size of a fig, is now almost fully formed. Her hands will soon open and close into fists, tiny tooth buds are beginning to appear under her gums, and some of her bones are beginning to harden.

She's already busy kicking and stretching, and her tiny movements are so effortless they look like water ballet. These movements will become more frequent as her body grows and becomes more developed and functional. You won't feel your baby's acrobatics for another month or two — nor will you notice the hiccupping that may be happening now that her diaphragm is forming.

I'm feeling really good. No naps yesterday or today. Took Tytan for a walk today. I'm super excited for Josh and Michelle's wedding this weekend too. This week will fly by since we're heading out of town mid-day Thursday. I swear that when I looked at the weekly pic Ryan took of me last night I am getting thicker. Luckily for my pants, I had lost almost 20 lbs prior to getting pregnant, so my pants are mostly ok. I will definitely be investing in a bella band in the next few weeks though (considering I had wanted one pre-pregnancy anyway! haha). Speaking of pics, NONE of them will be posted until I actually look PREGNANT rather than just CHUBBY. Let's not be crazy. :)

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Finally. After many mishaps, I have the pics uploaded. Phew. Turns out that of the 600 pics on my camera, not TOO many were applicable of baby-to-be. Mostly just of the Easter reveals right HERE.

Now for a few randoms of the past couple of months.

Anna and Linse

The best I could get of the hoodlums before they ran off to get their Easter loot.

Oh how I love the waxy looking frosting. Delicious.

My first baby. :)


Today! There will be pictures posted! I was so excited to get out of bed this morning and get them on here now that Ryan found me a new cable. Of course, the battery on my camera was dead though, so now THAT is charging. I have so many pics trapped inside it and am especially excited about the "REVEAL" ones of Austann and Sammy especially. Fun stuff.

Should be a wonderfully relaxing weekend. It's Ryan's first real weekend off since he gave 2 weeks at his PT job a few weeks ago. So, we have no plans other than going to garage sales and, perhaps, Ihop. :)

My sister came up yesterday and we entirely changed around our entire apartment. Entirely. I like it alot. It's crazy different though. Obviously we have to make room for the little one, so it took a little creativity to put all Ryan's stuff elsewhere (since baby's room was once Ryan's man cave). :)

Pictures soon. Promise!