Thursday, September 24, 2009

And it begins....

I'm tired...

The past few nights of sleep have been far less than stellar. I even tried out the couch last night for a few hours but then headed back to bed.

I'm going to say it was a fluke and not just settle for the fact that I'll never again know good sleep. Right? Baby will be here in 60 days and I'm sure I'll have good sleep again before then. RIGHT??????

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Major Change

Ryan called me at work on Friday to say that his boss had called him. My immediate thought process was not necessarily positive. Not based on Ryan, but based on the company he works for. Turns out that he got offered a different position. Hold the phone....that new position is during the DAY. D A Y. What does that mean? It means that a) Ryan excepted the position and will have a ton of new stuff to learn. This will be more of an administrative desk job rather than a dirty hard labor job, b) He will now work from 7a-4p Monday thru Friday and c) RYAN AND I ARE GOING TO SEE EACH OTHER DURING THE WEEK NOW!!!!

It's very exciting. Different, but exciting. We actually had dinner together tonight!!! I'm so so so thankful that this is happening now so that when the baby comes we'll actually have time together as a family. It's absolutely perfect timing.

The job is different for him and the first days (or weeks) of new jobs always stink as you're learning, but overall, it's pretty darn exciting!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Scrapfest 2009

Break out the mom jeans and fanny's time for scrapfest 2009!

Haha- this is my 4th Year going to Scrapfest with Christy! This was her fabulous idea from the beginning, and now it is a tradition. None of our friends can ever plan weddings this ever important weekend. I mean really. This is serious stuff!

So, tonight I'm trying to make a game plan so that I can be efficient and not spend the weekend trying to think of ideas. I also greatly cut back on the number of things I'm going to lug to the hotel. Usually we're both pretty ridiculous with the number of scrapbook things we bring with. This year= efficiency. :) Ha. We'll see about that.

And about the mom jeans and fanny packs??? We won't be sporting them ourselves, but will see our fair share pared with "Scrap 'til You Drop!" shirts. :) For some reason I'm publicly confessing I attend this event, but boy oh boy I wouldn't say we fit in there.

The worst part? We're going to ScrapFest to SCRAPBOOK but we have never ever taken a picture of ourselves and this tradition. Pitiful, just pitiful.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

29 weeks

When September hit, it struck me that the baby is coming in 2 months! Holy moly!!!

Here's our outlook:
Next weekend-Ryan has a softball tournament
Weekend after- Scrapfest 2009 with Christy (woot-woot!)
Weekend after- home for the Tyler/Abbott Shower
Weekend after-- my birthday :)
Weekend after-- home for a shower from my sister
Weekend after-- THAT's THE MIDDLE OF OCTOBER!!! 1 month til baby!!! YIKES

So, the game plan is that, in all the craziness, we try to make sure we're settled by that 1 month til baby mark. Showers will be done, so at that point we can figure out what we still need and make sure we're "settled". WOW WOW WOW.

Speaking of--here's a COUPLE more pics to show our progress... I sure did blog lots of posts and pics today!

Yay! We have a crib! Baby has a bed! Woo-hoo! :) We borrowed the crib from Brenda and Corey and they told us that lots of swearing would be involved in the set up process, but Ryan did really well. Probably because he had such a good instruction giver. :) Nice to look into the baby's room and actually have it look like a baby will be living there some day!

And on one more baby note--baby is moving like CRAZY! It is so distracting because I want to watch my belly move or feel for the movement all the time. Today I covered my belly during a meeting because I swear they would have been able to see my belly move from across the table. Weird! (Yet the coolest most incredible thing ever!!!)

...and 1 more

Picture in my mom and dad's garden :)

Sprinkler Attack

The wild animal stalking his prey

Testing the waters

Ahh--it got him! (((seriously. look at that FACE!!!)))

That'll teach him. :)

Ah the wet mess he created...soaked us both. Hard to be mad when I was laughing hysterically. What am I going to do with this dog?!


5 weeks--the day we found out

29 weeks--the shirt shrunk....riiiiiiggghht? :)

Anniversary Self-Portraits :)

2008 Version--2 years

2009 Version--3 years

Ryan LOOOOOOVES this self-portrait tradition--doesn't it just show?! :)
I have one from our 1st anniversary too, just not on this computer.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

28-week Appt!

Today we had our 28 week appt. We have one more monthly appointment, then we're on to every 2 weeks, then weekly (convenient since our doctor is in Woodbury and we're now in Brooklyn Park, right?). How exciting though!!!

Appt went well. Baby has a good strong heartbeat. My blood pressure was good (always low). Bad part--I had to get 2 shots today! I had to get the Rhogam shot because of my dumb O- blood, plus a flu shot. OH the misery... actually, I had always hated shots with a passion, but I think that I'm getting tougher with age. I made Ryan hold my hand for the first one. :)

So, I had more questions today than usual.

1) H1N1 vaccine--do I have to get it? According to my doctor, YES, Ryan and I BOTH need to get it (ABOUT TIME that he has to do SOMETHING for the baby, right?!). Doc doesn't think the vaccine will be available til the 1st of the year, but we need to get it then to protect the little one. The shot makes me nervous because it's new, but she assured me that the FDA is pretty picky and that they wouldn't release it until they new it was safe.... so, I guess I'm getting the vaccine?

2) Braxton Hicks contractions-- she explained what they would feel like and I haven't had any of these. I'll take it.

3) Any more ultrasounds? Hopefully not. The only reason we would get another one is if I was measuring too big or too small, or had high blood pressure or something. So, hopefully we won't see baby again until he's born. :)

4) How come some people are able to say "baby weighs 6 lbs right now", etc.--some get more than 1 ultrasound and she said that even then it is either +/- 2 lbs, so not really accurate. She guessed that baby will be around 8lbs for us, but that was only based on me so we'll see.

5) I asked when baby would be "full-term" and she gave me the 37 week mark. She noted that, thought we DO NOT WANT THIS TO HAPPEN, if the baby was born now (since we're at 28 weeks), it would probably be ok with a little help. That is NOT what I want, but comforting just the same, right?

I think that was all my questions. Crazy to think it's September and baby is really coming in November. I have SOOOOOOO much to do!!! Yikes!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Life and Lessons- Year 3

Us 1 year ago

Today is me and Ryan's 3rd Anniversary! We don't get to see each other today except for sleeping, but Ryan got me a be-au-ti-ful bouquet of roses that were delivered to my work. Love em!

Here's a summary of our 3rd year: Life and Lessons :)

*We moved from Woodbury to Brooklyn Park
*We sold 3 vehicles--Ryan's crotch rocket, honda civic, and chevy exchange he got one vehicle :)
*We both kept the same jobs (though Ryan had a second job for awhile)
*Lesson: marriage isn't a given; once you're married you need to work even harder then when you're dating.
*We're growing a baby!
*We drove around the countryside looking at houses while we were on a kick, but ultimately decided to continue living rent-free for awhile more
*We booked and cancelled a trip to Mexico (thanks baby! j/k)
*We camped 2 times
*We enjoyed the giddy and amazing moment of feeling baby's first moves
*We had couples dates with Kari and Tyler
*Lesson: our relationship is like a cycle. If one of us does something that bothers the other, the other had the bad habit of doing something to bother the other person. Hence a vicious cycle, but all in all, a lesson learned. Mostly corrected ;)
*We went to some weddings--Josh and Michelle's, Cap and Antonella's, Ben and Jackie's.
*We canoed
*Ryan got training for my company (almost done)
*We got a fancy new camera--something we both like to play with
*We started a savings account
*We saw Toby Keith in a bar :)
*Lesson: talk, talk, talk
*We spent time with our oldest and best(est) friends :)
*We went to lots and lots of garage sales together scouring for baby stuff (the year before we drove past the garage sales with "dumb baby stuff"--now we can hardly find them!)
*Ryan played in his first softball league in MN
*We daydreamed about what our baby boy will be like
*We debated baby names
*We did a lot of reflecting on ourselves and us as a couple and are stronger because of it

So, not an especially eventful year, but another year of life together. These random moments and memories are what make up our lives! Cheers to the next years!