Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Why oh why does this little teeny (I mean TEENY!) baby inside me make me feel so tired? Soooo tired? I feel absolutely useless when I get home because I have no motivation whatsoever. Oh what would I do with a job that made me work 8 hours straight? Not sure. On a positive note, I am JUST tired and hardly nauseous. That's a good thing! I keep thinking that this super-extreme-exhaustion will stop in the next few weeks (right?!) and until then I'll just nap my life away. :)

Might I just add that we had cancelled our trip to Mexico just a couple of days after we found out about baby AND we were supposed to be leaving a week from this coming Sunday (which means Josh and Michelle are getting married a week from Saturday!!!!)... I am so glad we cancelled. Even if it is fine, I am so relieved that I don't have to be the tired pregnant woman in the heat of mexico worrying herself crazy about catching the swine flu. I'm nervous enough in Minnesota...jeesh. THANK YOU BABY!

Blog is open without a password now so yes Christy, you can put it on your blogroll. Yikes! :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hilarious, but maybe I shouldn't be laughing?

I heard this on ks95 this morning because someone called in, pregnant, saying that they got this in an email anonymously from an account that is now closed. Yikes.

Maybe I shouldn't, but I think it is stinking hilarious. Wrong, of course, but so funny just the same. Don't be offended, I'm not. :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

10 weeks

Made my first work reveal today.
Hoping to tell my boss tomorrow.
Better hurry since Ryan posted it on Facebook today! YIKES!!! Must be real, huh?
(PS-Peed on one last prego test last night....just to be sure...haha)

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Finally a weekend at home! I guess I've only been running for the past two in a row, but boy is it nice to have a free one.

Brenda was going to come up this weekend at my request to help me "clean sweep". The fact that I invited my sister up to help me clean and organize shows that I'm really desperate. :) She's hopefully going to come next weekend instead.

So, instead, I have been doing a little cleaning and organizing myself today and made a Sams Club run. Rachel and I are meeting up at Ikea this afternoon and I'm wondering why I would attempt Sams Club AND Ikea on the same Saturday...YIKES to BUSY-NESS THERE! I'm very excited to go though and am hoping to find some cute finds.

Feeling pretty good this past week. Tired, of course, but still only the 2 episodes of throwing up to date. NOT BAD AT ALL!!! I'm trying to make sure I'm eating healthy so invested in a mega pack of V8 today to make sure I'm getting all the veggies I need. 2 weeks til next appt. I'll be 10 weeks on Monday! At last! :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

First real appt

Friday at 8am Ryan and I had our first real appt. It was exciting, but I was also dreading it because of all I knew it would involve. I survived though!

We got to meet our doctor for the first time. I think we made a good choice, especially based on the fact that the RN at our initial consultation appt basically gave us a piece of paper with about 5 business cards on it of doctors. 2 were men and they were ruled out, 1 wasn't accepting new patients. So, what do you do but pick the one who looks the nicest? So we did. Dr. Gurney. I'm very satisfied (especially since she gave 2 thumbs up on me switching to Flintstones vitamins. I was so nervous that I shouldn't have done that and was going to get yelled at!).

So, we did the whole fun exam and tried to listen to baby's heart beat from a handheld doppler but with no luck. She was very reassuring even before we started that it was pretty early, but that she would try. A bit nervewracking, yes, and now we have to wait 4 weeks til our next appt.

Then the horrible part...the blood. Ugh. Oh how I hate needles. I hate shots, I nearly passed out when I got my ears pierced (both times). I think I've only had blood taken like one time before this. So, I put on my brave face (left Ryan in the waiting room with the idea that he might need to carry me out of the place) and faced my doom. I convinced her to use the smallest needle and she did. Luckily it was a one prick deal and she was in. As my blood was oozing out of my arm and filling up FIVE ENTIRE VIALS, I didn't watch. I looked the other way, did a little slow breathing, and tried not to think about it. Then, low and behold, it got REALLY hot in there after she took the needle out. Phew. I was practically sweating and the nurse gave a "'re looking a little pale, let's lean you back in the chair" and she gave me a little water. That was the extent of it. No keeling over, no vomiting. Just a little weakly. Next time I'll bring juice! So...all in all, I feel it was a successful day of progress for me and my needle phobia. Those of you that have given labor and are reading this are probably shaking your heads and wondering how in the world I will survive....well don't worry, I'm thinking the same thing! ;)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Word is out!

Well, little by little the news is spreading!

I texted my friend Josh tonight and usually we just text back and forth. I just said "yo" and that was it. A few minutes later he called me. Very odd. He sounded incredibly suspicious on the phone and I knew he knew. I didn't know how, but I knew he did. He started right in with questions about what was up and basically implied that he knew a secret. Dork. So, I confessed that whatever he thought he knew was probably right and YES, we were having a baby!!! So, the question was, where was the leak?

HAHA--WELL, it was Austann, Ryan's lil sis. Can't really blame her of course. She ran along at school and told Josh's dad today because he is a teacher there. Josh's dad called Josh which happened to be just as I was texting him. Very strange timing.

More reveals to come this weekend. I haven't told anyone at work yet and am waiting a few more weeks.

( I feel bad that it was revealed that way, but good thing you're such an understanding friend, right Josh?! :) ....and Hi Michelle! haahah. Sorry about Mexico!)

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Big Reveals

Well--Easter weekend! We did most of our major reveals of the baby news this weekend--Ryan's family and my family. PHEW!

1) Saturday-- We grilled out at Curt's. Curt, Ben and Jackie, Keagan, Chris, and the girls were all there. We spent the whole afternoon outside with lots of games of PIG, baseball, golf, etc. It was a beautiful day! After grilling out, we had the girls find their Easter baskets from me and Ryan. Note that being in the country requires 4-wheelers to find Easter baskets. :) Lots of room for hiding. So, they both found their baskets, I took pics of them before they looked through them.

Then, continued snapping pictures as, Austann first, opened the one plastic egg in their baskets. She opened it and there was a small hershey chocolate egg with a little note. Snapped a picture of her confused face.

Then she read the note that said, "This chocolate is about the size of our baby right now. You're going to be an aunt TWICE in November! Love, R & S". Her face was AWESOME and I am so happy I got pictures of the whole process.

Sammy wasn't standing there when Austann opened hers, so she opened hers next and we got the same pics of the variety of faces. Loved it! It was perfect!

Sammy passed her egg on to Curt, and all was revealed. Everyone was surprised (except for Ben and Jackie) and very excited.

2) Saturday night-- Ryan and I spent the whole weekend at my parents', so that night we were hanging around the house helping my mom a little to get ready for people to come over the next day. We hadn't entirely figured out how we were going to tell them, but we were prepared to wait until the next day. The perfect opportunity came up that night though since my mom made me and Ryan dye Easter eggs. Ryan couldn't figure out why a crayon was in with the easter egg dye, so I told him it was for writing secret messages. So, I did. I wrote on one of the eggs: Ryan + Sarah = Baby and then I stuck it in the dye. Ryan and I were dying laughing to ourselves but my mom and dad were oblivious. We colored it and set it out on the tray and started taking pics of it.

Nothing. Cracked up.

Nothing. Once we were done, Ryan asked my mom if she wanted to look at our eggs and he handed her the baby one.

She looked at it, smiled, then put it down. We laughed and asked her what it had said. She said, " Ryan" (my nephew!). NOOooo.... We gave it to her again. She looked at it and said:
"Baby Ryan...."
"Ryan Sarah baby..."
"Baby Ryan and Sarah...{gasp!}

She finally got it and, of course, we got pics of the whole ordeal. My mom and dad were both very surprised but excited for us. It was fun telling them that way.

3) Easter Sunday-- rest o' the fam. Long story short (I'm tired!). My mom took care of this reveal. We hid all the kids Easter eggs and presents outside at my parents' house. My mom had Ryan hide a few baby items she had on hand (a little hat, a couple of onesies). My sister was the first one to "get it" and then everyone finally knew. Phew!

This big reveal stuff is kind of exhausting and I am super tired. I've noticed a big dislike for Mondays, but know that the rest of the week could be much better.

We have an appt on Friday!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Great day!

I woke up a few minutes before my alarm clock this morning...good start!
Felt great this morning.
Had a good, productive day at work.
Took D O G for a walk.
Made dinner for Ryan and took it to him on his break.
Watching Idol results show.
Bed at 9...that's impressive!!!
What a good day!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Flintstones, Meet the Flintstones!

Flintstone vitamins that is! I switched over to these today, at least temporarily. My prenatal "one-a-days" is actually a "one-of-each-a-day" and that is just too much. So, I read up online and swapped them out for flintstones chewable. These have folic acid too along with lots of other things, so apparently they are ok when the other prenatals are too nasty....and they are. There is no point in taking a pill that I'm going to throw up anyway...might as well chew my flintstone vitamin and actually keep the nutrients down, right? DUH. :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday, Monday

I've been up since 7am and am still going! 12 hours! I was tempted to take a nap around 5 when I got home, but then decided to just go to bed around 7:30 instead. :) The countdown begins.

I felt pretty good today! I think the key is my dumb vitamins. Last night I took them right before bed instead of during the day. Yes, I did want to throw up about 40 minutes after, but I didn't. So, I think that it what I'm going to start doing. Have a snack with them right before bed. Otherwise I worry that they are what is making me sick. Yuck.

We had Healthy Beginnings Class tonight at 7, or so I thought. That's what I wrote on the calendar. Ryan told me he thought it was 5, but since I wrote it on the calendar, I must be right. I wasn't. I had to cancel. Ryan was planning on leaving work for a couple hours for it and it was nearly 5 by the time I realized my mistake. I was wrong, he was right, blah blah blah.

Took Tytan for another good walk today. If it wasn't for him, I would definately not have the motivation to go on walks, but at least he's good for SOMETHING. :)

Good night!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday night post

What a lazy weekend! Not feeling well yesterday knocked me out, so I laid around the whole time Ryan was at work. He brought a movie home and I slept through it.

After a good 10 hour sleep though, I feel pretty good today! Got some motivation this afternoon to run some errands, do some cleaning, and took Tytan for a walk.

I'm dreading the week ahead. I was really un-productive last week due to the funeral, etc. but this week I'm really going to have to put in some full days. Cross my fingers that all goes well!

The blog has now been revealed to the 3 people I've told: Rachel, Ginger, and Christy.

I'm still trying to figure out a fun way to tell the fam next weekend. Might check out one of the baby websites to see if there are any ideas. We'll see!

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Well, well, well at least it's the weekend.

I woke up feeling pretty good. Not great, but good enough. I took the dog for a walk, came home, started some laundry, cooked breakfast, and laid around with Ryan.

After he left for work, I thought that maybe I was hungry. Thought a lean pocket sounded delicious. WRONG. I wasn't even really feeling nauseous, but sure enough, I have the first puke out of my system. NOT FUN. DISGUSTING. EW. (AND the dog stole the rest of my lean pocket while I was in the bathroom!.

So, now I sit drinking my Sprite. I wasn't planning on drinking pop while I was pregnant, but I've had Sprite 2 days in a row now from nausea. Yuk.

Friday, April 3, 2009

1st appt, due date, week 6, etc.

To explain my lack of posting the past few days...I AM SO TIRED!!! I don't understand how something as small as an appleseed can make my body feel so exhausted. I am so grateful for my job right now, because I have definately been starting late, leaving early, then working on my computer at night. Here's a recap:

Monday the 30th-- first appt. We met with a nurse, Maren, and she confirmed that we are indeed pregnant. YAY! Ryan came with and then she gave us lots of info about the "program" and lots of booklets, etc. about pregnancy. Nice. She confirmed that our estimated due date right now is November 23rd....right during hunting season. :) So, that means that on the day of the appt I was at 6 weeks. I do like the fact that a few weeks of pregnancy are over before you even know you're pregnant. That's nice. However, I can honestly say that I went to bed on Sunday night really crabby and woke up sick. I think this could be because I didn't sleep very well (which made me crabby AND made me feel more tired). Needless to say, I knelt in front of the toilet for the first time around, but to no avail. I haven't shaken the nausea completely this week and have had repeat appearances in front of the toilet, but I just FEEL sick, I don't actually "get" sick which is ok with me (I hate throwing up).

The other thing she explained is that we'll have the baby at United Hospital which surprised me. I had really hoped to have it at Woodwinds because it is really close and really BEAUTIFUL. The more I thought about it though, the better I feel about it. United is in St.Paul which is plenty close AND it is a lot more medically capable than Woodwinds, so if anything went wrong, we would be in the best of hands. I'll take it!

We have a "Healthy Beginnings" class on Monday night. I think I'll go alone since Ryan works. We also scheduled my first real OB appointment for 4/17. Looking forward to it because I'm excited to meet with the doctor, but not looking forward to it for a couple of obvious reasons (one being blood. yuck.).

Ryan is being really great. He's so excited. We refer to baby as "poppyseed" right now because that's apparently about how big she/he is.

Another note-- Rachel knows now! She called me the other night and was saying how she is moving her wedding date to this December and was trying to decide between early December and late December. I replied, "Well, now is probably a good time to tell you that we're having a baby the end of November!". Haha. She was super shocked and excited and begged me to move home so our babies can grow up together. When that failed, she said she'll move up here which sounds much better. After I tell her that, she tells me that she wants me to be a bridesmaid. Huh! So, that is on the table, but how might I know how big of a dress to get when I have to first become 9 months pregnant, then have this baby, then fit into a dress? Disgusting. We will see. I'm super excited she asked, but we'll see how things work out!

I'm finally meeting with Christy tonight, so this is getting exciting!