Wednesday, April 7, 2010


To continue the marathon of blog posts, here's some more cute pics from Easter.

Dune Buggy

Ryan bought a jogging stroller that converts into a bike trailer. Very functional....and gigantic. I refer to it as the dune buggy. We strapped him in to test it out in our house, but then decided to rig up his carseat in it until he's bigger. It's not MEANT for a carseat, but it works REALLY well. It's a little added workout--what a bonus! :)

What Conley thinks of Rice Cereal...

You'd think that Con-man would be DEVOURING rice cereal at his size. But no. The boy isn't a fan at all. Clearly!

Conley and Cousins

Last Saturday we spent the day at Ryan's dads for Easter and we got some more pics of Conley and his cousin, Allie. She's just 3 weeks older than him and it is so interesting to see what each of them can do. Miss Allie has a couple of teeth popped through already!

"You might have teeth, but I'm still bigger!" :)

Then, we stayed at my parents' house Friday night and Saturday night and Conley got to hang out with his OTHER cousins.

He's thrilled. Really. (I'm not sure why they're all doing "jazz hands" though. haha)