Monday, November 30, 2009

Baby boy

Here's a few pictures of Conley's first day! I can hardly believe that he is currently less than a day old! He is wonderful and amazing and I am in disbelief that he is really ours.

Baby has arrived!

Conley Ryan Abbott entered the world at 12:53 am today (Monday) weighing in at 9.2lbs, measuring 22 inches long (need I mention the 15" head?). He has dark hair just as I had hoped!

It was horrible, but now he's here and wonderful! More updates and pics to come after we all get some sleep! :)

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Finally--baby is on his way! We went in this morning for our first "gel" treatment to get my cervix moving along and BAM! my body really responded to it and I went from 0 dilation to a 2 right away with really regular contractions. So, we were supposed to get 4 of those over the course of the next 2 days, but only needed one and we're on our way. We got admitted rather than being sent home and now we're just anxiously awaiting some more progress. Sounds like baby wants to be born in November after all!

Stay tuned! :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

3rd Trimester in Review

Following suit with my 1st and 2nd trimester's the final one!

1. A brief love affair with mac and cheese.... mmmmm!
2. Increased irritability
3. Good sleep through about week 37 or 38 then I spent about half my nights on the couch.
4. Swollen feet and hands starting around the last month
5. Most memorable craving= orange juice
6. Regular breakfast of PB and honey toast
7. Getting up for the bathroom 2-5 times per night
8. Wishing I could wear jeans but never finding any tall enough maternity ones
9. Overall really comfortable with very few complaints
10. Nesting--especially with the nursery! Happy with the result
11. Change in my vision...not sure if this happened earlier and I never noticed?
12. Not overly emotional (don't ask Ryan)
13. Excited and nervous about baby's arrival
14. Sore feet
15. Not as tired as first trimester--bedtime around 9 to 10
16. Low blood pressure
17. Never looked at the number on the scale at doctor appointments
18. Amazing at not buying clothes for the baby yet. I've been in all the cutest stores and haven't bought a thing! We have PLENTY of clothes for now!
19. Ready to wear normal clothes again
20. But overall really enjoying the ride :)

Week 40

Holy moly. Here I am!

Puffy and swollen, but otherwise doing good still! Ryan is amused (and disgusted?) by the puffiness of my feet and my hands and I'm still going crazy from the tingling.

We had a laid-back weekend here. Planned on going out to see a movie, but decided to rent movies and get ice cream instead! :) We probably should have taken advantage of the opportunity, I know I know. It was so nice to be able to keep the sweats on instead though!

I got some work done yesterday to save a PTO day for later this week and am planning on heading into the office this afternoon as well. This should be a pretty boring week until baby comes because, like I mentioned before, I'm pretty ready.

Our entertainment of the weekend? Squirrels. :) Ryan bought a new bird feeder and a corn holder and the squirrels have been our amusement out our big window in our living room. Need I mention the constant state of stress and anxiety we are causing Tytan?! No, I think he likes it. He sits on the little perch we have for him in front of the window and stares intently out it. This morning there were 8 of them out there. I have an amusing (to me) squirrel post with Ryan coming up...maybe tonight. :)

Last news: we're going to have a Thanksgiving! Yesterday Ryan invited his dad and sisters up on Thursday, knowing that they'll either visit us at the hospital or there won't be a baby yet and Ryan will be cooking T-Day dinner. It should be a pretty simple one, so I'm not worried about being stressed about--especially since he's cooking! It will be nice to have something to do that day (if I don't have something BIGGER to do that day!!!).

And the very last news.... OUR CHRISTMAS TREE IS UP!!!!! :) WOOOOO-HOOOOO!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

A few thoughts...

Ryan and I sit here leisurely sipping on our coffee with french vanilla creamer. Love. He just finally started drinking coffee when he started his new day hours. I like weekend coffee time. :) It's such a nice crisp Fall day and there is frost on the yard. Makes a girl want to put up her Christmas tree, but Ryan is still trying to hold me off. We'll see how the weekend progresses!

Speaking of progress...none on the baby front other than the fact that I am getting to a more uncomfortable stage. Really sore back yesterday and still the ridiculous hand tingling. I feel confident that I won't need to be induced, but it makes me nervous to write that here because now I will have to! Jinxed.

I think we're basically "ready" now. Can I say that that is a really hard question to be asked on a routine basis? Are you ready? Are you ready? Ready how? Like do I have the baby's nursery ready? Yes. Are you ready? Well, I'm freaked out about the extreme pain that I know my body will be going through in no more than a week and a half, but yes, I guess I'm "ready". And as of yesterday at 5:30, I feel pretty ready in regards to work. Sure there are still things to do, but if I did have the baby this weekend, I would feel ok knowing things would be fine at work. That's reassuring! Since I ultimately will probably be going back to work Monday anyway, I will be able to use whatever I have of next week to finalilze those things and to work on some projects that I haven't gotten to. Very low stress. Love that.

Oh, by the way...know how to get your husband to answer his phone at work every single time you call? Be 9 months pregnant. Haha. I hesitate to call Ryan at all because everytime I do he has this anxious voice because he thinks I'm calling to say I'm going into labor. It's funny. Did I mention how ridiculously excited that guy is? Very. I should mention impatient too. :)

So, this weekend we're just going to do a little more nesting...a few errands, possibly a movie tonight. Hope you all have a happy one. :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Appt: Week 39

No progress. :)

However, we do have a timeline. If baby does not come by our next appointment (next Wednesday), then we will have an ultrasound on Friday.

If baby does not come by Monday, I will go to United 1-2 times each on Monday and Tuesday to start getting things moving along.

No baby?

We will then be admitted to the hospital on Wednesday, Dec 2nd (2 weeks from today) to start the petocin (sp?)and stay there til baby comes. Ryan's birthday is December 3rd, so we'll just have to see I guess! They might share their birthday!

So, at this point I'm assuming I will go late, but I'm planning on having everything at work ready to go by this Friday so next week will be totally stress-free workwise.
If baby wants to come this weekend then so be it. :)

Either way we won't be going anywhere for Thanksgiving which is a bummer, but we are DEFINITELY putting up our Christmas tree that day if there is no baby yet! I have been waiting since October I swear!

Stay tuned. :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009


We had a different doctor on Friday which was kind of interesting. She was nice and really helpful--just unique to have someone who met me for the first time. She guessed that baby currently weighs about 7.5 lbs.

That was about it from the appt. No progress.

I still feel really good (other than the arms and hands), so no hurry on my part. There is still Christmas shopping to be done! ;)

Baby's First Picture???

So, me, RYan, Josh and Michelle went to Dave and Busters on Saturday. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's basically an adult Chuck E Cheese...a bar, restaurant, and huge video arcade where you can play lots of games and win lots of tickets. It was pretty fun. The funniest thing is that me and Ryan accumulated like 9000 tickets. Yup. That's A LOT! All we cashed them in for was a giant stuffed hippo for the baby and 2 things of sprees. :) We now have about 8000 tickets left. It's just ridiculous.

The best part of our time there? They have a photo booth that takes your pic then lets you either try out new hairstyles, morph yourself into an animal, OR..... find out what your baby would/could look like! Which option did we choose? See below.... I find him quite adorable. :)

So, he's not a baby, but he's a keeper. We'll see how realistic this one is huh? It's definately one for the baby book. :)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Pregnancy is a real pain in the....

arms. and hands. ouch.

How did no one ever tell me about this? I heard about all the others and no one ever tries to sugar coat things in general, so why did no one mention the incredible tingling pain in my arms and my hands? Oh dear. This is especially painful at night and keeps me awake on and off as I alternate sides and then alternate arms start hurting. Doctor says its normal (like pregnancy induced carpal tunnel) and won't go away til I have the baby. Drives me nuts. Happens during the day too, but not to the capacity it does when I'm trying to sleep. Big time pain. In the middle of the night I was thinking of what to compare it too and at that point I felt like both of my hands had been slammed in a car door, but then the person driving pulled forward and my right arm went with it. That's what it felt like. ;)

So now, I type my complaints with puffy, tingly hands. Oh joy.

Note that my ticker at the top says 10 days. 10 days! We had our Wednesday appt cancelled because the doctor was delivering a baby, so we're seeing someone else today since she is now out of town. We'll see if there is any progress, but I won't get my hopes up. I keep giving the disclaimer that I'm due in 12, 11, 10 days but then I add the 7 days I could potentially go overdue so that I am being reasonable and won't have a completely miserable week of being overdue. Obviously it's realistic, right?

Weekend should be fun though--Josh and Michelle are coming up so we should have lots to do. They were of course hoping a baby would be here or on the way. Sorry guys. ;)

Happy Friday everyone.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

9 years

Is it silly that Ryan and I still acknowledge our anniversaries of dating? :) haha
That's today! Not like we did anything, but we did acknowledge that today is the day. 9 years!

Happy Anniversary Babe. ;)

Monday, November 9, 2009

The First Abbott Addition of November

Ryan's brother Ben and his wife, Jackie, had their baby girl, Allie yesterday! Jackie was 6 or 7 days overdue but Allie came when she was ready.

I saw a pic today and she is beautiful with lots of dark brown hair.

2-3 more weeks til her lil' cousin arrives!

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Here's our work in progress! All done, just waiting to be hung on the wall once the glue dries. I have to hand it to Ryan--he was really the driving force behind this. He made us stop at Home Depot, convinced me that it would work, and did a ton of the work. Impressive! I keep asking where this handy man has been the past few years!

This was quite the teamwork effort.
I determined how big each frame should be.
Ryan made the cuts.
I freehanded the letters.
Ryan cut them out.
I painted them.
Ryan glued them.

Of course I can't show you the REAL finished project because that would give away his name. What can I show you?

How about a


OK. First a few more peeks...

OK, so we thought we'd try a few different name options... :)

Any votes? :)

So, there you have it ladies and gentlemen. Our weekend crafty project! Can't wait to hang it on baby's wall. Feeling MUCH better about it then the former (well, current) polka dots. These will pretty much be the finishing touch.

And do you really think we'd reveal the whole name? Nah. We were a little tricky (read: missing letters or extra letters). Oh what fun! ;)

I won!

I entered Anna's halloween picture from last year on Pear Tree Greetings facebook fan page and WON a $50 gift card! So excited because I've already ordered my address labels and now just have to wait for baby to get here to order our Christmas cards/ birth announcements.

So, friends & family, I encourage you, you, and you to head on over to to check out their awesome stuff. Super cute cards and great quality (plus lots of other stuff too)! Order yours from there! :) Christmas is just around the corner!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Appt update, Weekend ahead

Another appt today. Not dilated. Doctor said she thinks we'll have a December baby. Nice, huh? Actually I'm glad she isn't telling me he will come earlier. I would rather have the mindset that he will be late and then be surprised if he is early or on time. That seems like it would help with sanity a little better. AND, I still feel good.

This weekend: BIG project! Ryan and I stopped at Home Depot on our way home from the appt and we have a big crafty project to do for the baby's room. Should be the last major thing and the room is set. It involves his name, so unfortunately I won't be revealing the WHOLE finished project for you once it's done, but I will show you a peek. Maybe. :)

My roomie from college is coming up tomorrow to see our place and to go to lunch, so that should be fun too. Can't wait!

Other than that? Organization, cleaning, and a little R & R!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More nursery

Forgive the pictures lately. I dropped my camera when I was home for the last baby shower and the photo quality has not been quite the same ever since. Bummer!

Here is the bumper pad I bought from Target. I returned the other one I had bought which was striped on one side and polka dots on the other. Too busy. AND this one is breathable! :) It's called a breathable bumper pad and it feels/looks like shiny mesh kind of. I like that it's a good dark brown and gives some contrast to the busy-ness of the sheets and the white of the crib.

Here's the window valances I bought online from Target. They aren't meant to match the bedding, but I really like them. The brown is actually kind of corduroy-ish and then the stripes are brown, whitish, and green.

See the 2 circles on the window sill? That's my hand and Ryan's hand from Kindergarten! I'm planning on doing something with them. We found his last time we were home and then I dug mine out of a box. Kind of fun!

So, nursery is about done. I'm taking the polka dots down off the wall and have a letter idea in mind and I'm waiting to hear back from someone to make them. :) I really want the big picture to be complete by the time baby comes!


37 weeks and counting!

Halloween and Anna's Bday Party

I went to Brenda's for the weekend to help with Anna's big 6th birthday and to go trick or treating.

Halloween pics first. A pirate and....

Hannah Montana of course!

Ryan turned out pretty darn cute I will say.

And the birthday pics. Anna had 4 of her kindergarten girlfriends home on the bus with her after school Friday. Boy oh boy do 5 and 6 year old girls have a lot of energy. It was a 2 hour party and Brenda and I were spent by the time the parents picked them up! They even entertained themselves really well for a while, but they sure are a non-stop talking whirlwind. So fun though!

It takes a BIG BREATH to blow out 6 candles ya know! :)


November 1st was a strange day. I'm having a baby this month!!! (Well...hopefully! I suppose it could be December, but....) I have a due date this month! :)

Last night was hospital tour day for baby class #4 of 5. These 4 weeks really flew by. I feel like I just posted about baby class #1 and next week we're done! That means that the past few weeks of pregnancy have also flown by. Geesh!

We had an appt on Friday morning and got lots of info from the doc about questions that we've thought of. I really like her. No progress on the baby front which did not surprise me in the least. Baby is WAY too comfortable in there to be wanting out. I don't feel like the pregnant women that are demanding to be induced or who are so miserable that they beg to have the baby out. I'm pretty comfy...for now. The only pain in the butt I have is actually my hands. THey are so numb and tingly...especially when I sleep. Other than that...days are good. Evenings I get a little crabby, tired, uncomfortable, but nothing too bad. Still sleeping really good most nights of the week. Next appt is Friday.

I made a little more progress on the nursery (bumper--check. valances--check.) Will post finalized pics oncce it's all done. I'm going to do letters spelling out his name on the polka dot wall and take those down for the most part. I just am not happy with the colors...I think that's the problem.

My sister-in-law was due yesterday with their baby girl. No news yet. Ryan's cousin is due a couple of days before us, so adding to the abbotts is a pretty fitting name! I've dreamt twice in the past week that I've had the baby. First dream he had brown hair which made me happy, and 2nd dream he was actually a girl which DIDN'T make his dad very happy. :) You never know!

So, today I'm going to work from home for most of the day since yesterday was a long one. I'm currently hanging out in bed with the dog. Funny thing is that as I was typing this post, I didn't realize that my water bottle had fallen on the bed. All of the sudden I felt wetness and of course I had the split second thought that my water had broken. haha! Nope. Just a really wet bed. :)

Pics of Halloween with Anna and Ryan to come.