Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Big Move

We're moving. joy.

haha. Well, we're moving to Brooklyn Park. To another group home. for free. but still.

We've been seriously deliberating, but the idea of another couple of rent-free years is too good to pass up. So, we're uprooting our lives (ok, our house) and moving. We're not sure when. It will be between now and August. The longer we wait, the less work I have to help with, right? ;)

I'm bummed about it but will do it because it's either that or buy a house. I think that our new place will be even bigger than where we are now, which is nice. It's going to give Ryan a 45 min drive to work every day, but luckily he would never have to worry about rush hour given his goofy hours.

Moving and packing, here we come!

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