Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

What a beautiful weekend! I don't think we could have asked for much nicer of weather for a 3 day weekend. I was originally thinking I'd do some work today to eliminate a day of PTO, but decided to make the most of it and just enjoy a day off. It was a productive one.

Saturday-- (might i add that it took me and Ryan a whole consultation with one another as I was about to write this because neither of us could remember WHAT we did on Saturday!). Got it. We went to a super beautiful wedding! :) Ryan's football teammate Kap got married in the cities, nice and close drive for us. Ryan got to catch up with a few old teammates and we had a good time. They had AMAZING food and a super cool dessert buffet instead of just serving wedding cake. Every wedding I go to and tell Ryan how I wish we wouldn't have gotten married first...I pick up some new and cute idea at every one. Maybe that means it is a good thing that we went first? Simpler?

Sunday-- Went to Brenda's. Hung out outside all day and I have the sunburn to show it. I'll take sunburn temporarily over being such a whitey. It was fun to see the kiddos for a bit and just hang out with the fam. Pics to come of them.

We were exhausted last night but managed to fit in the movie "Memento". Very strange. It's one of those that makes you feel a little crazy after watching it...maybe that was just me? Not bad, but very odd. It made my brain hurt. :)

Today-- Very productive! Ryan did lots of yard work, mowing and patching the pee holes the dog leaves on our grass. I finally got my pots all planted and did some more cleaning and organizing in the garage. I have a LOT of stuff for this garage sale, and again, I'm thinking that I might need to move before August or my walls might be bare until then! Did a little grocery shopping, made some homemade pizza for dinner, then we watched "Bride Wars". Cute movie! I cried a lot during it, but I think that might have just been me. ;)

Now, we just did the 14 week pic and I'm off to bed. A few days of work and it's the weekend again! Nice!

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