Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Why oh why does this little teeny (I mean TEENY!) baby inside me make me feel so tired? Soooo tired? I feel absolutely useless when I get home because I have no motivation whatsoever. Oh what would I do with a job that made me work 8 hours straight? Not sure. On a positive note, I am JUST tired and hardly nauseous. That's a good thing! I keep thinking that this super-extreme-exhaustion will stop in the next few weeks (right?!) and until then I'll just nap my life away. :)

Might I just add that we had cancelled our trip to Mexico just a couple of days after we found out about baby AND we were supposed to be leaving a week from this coming Sunday (which means Josh and Michelle are getting married a week from Saturday!!!!)... I am so glad we cancelled. Even if it is fine, I am so relieved that I don't have to be the tired pregnant woman in the heat of mexico worrying herself crazy about catching the swine flu. I'm nervous enough in Minnesota...jeesh. THANK YOU BABY!

Blog is open without a password now so yes Christy, you can put it on your blogroll. Yikes! :)

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  1. Done, added to the blogroll!! Whoo hoo!!
    The tiredness will hopefully pass soon. As 'cliche' as it's hopefully just a first trimester thing. Was for me.