Monday, April 13, 2009

The Big Reveals

Well--Easter weekend! We did most of our major reveals of the baby news this weekend--Ryan's family and my family. PHEW!

1) Saturday-- We grilled out at Curt's. Curt, Ben and Jackie, Keagan, Chris, and the girls were all there. We spent the whole afternoon outside with lots of games of PIG, baseball, golf, etc. It was a beautiful day! After grilling out, we had the girls find their Easter baskets from me and Ryan. Note that being in the country requires 4-wheelers to find Easter baskets. :) Lots of room for hiding. So, they both found their baskets, I took pics of them before they looked through them.

Then, continued snapping pictures as, Austann first, opened the one plastic egg in their baskets. She opened it and there was a small hershey chocolate egg with a little note. Snapped a picture of her confused face.

Then she read the note that said, "This chocolate is about the size of our baby right now. You're going to be an aunt TWICE in November! Love, R & S". Her face was AWESOME and I am so happy I got pictures of the whole process.

Sammy wasn't standing there when Austann opened hers, so she opened hers next and we got the same pics of the variety of faces. Loved it! It was perfect!

Sammy passed her egg on to Curt, and all was revealed. Everyone was surprised (except for Ben and Jackie) and very excited.

2) Saturday night-- Ryan and I spent the whole weekend at my parents', so that night we were hanging around the house helping my mom a little to get ready for people to come over the next day. We hadn't entirely figured out how we were going to tell them, but we were prepared to wait until the next day. The perfect opportunity came up that night though since my mom made me and Ryan dye Easter eggs. Ryan couldn't figure out why a crayon was in with the easter egg dye, so I told him it was for writing secret messages. So, I did. I wrote on one of the eggs: Ryan + Sarah = Baby and then I stuck it in the dye. Ryan and I were dying laughing to ourselves but my mom and dad were oblivious. We colored it and set it out on the tray and started taking pics of it.

Nothing. Cracked up.

Nothing. Once we were done, Ryan asked my mom if she wanted to look at our eggs and he handed her the baby one.

She looked at it, smiled, then put it down. We laughed and asked her what it had said. She said, " Ryan" (my nephew!). NOOooo.... We gave it to her again. She looked at it and said:
"Baby Ryan...."
"Ryan Sarah baby..."
"Baby Ryan and Sarah...{gasp!}

She finally got it and, of course, we got pics of the whole ordeal. My mom and dad were both very surprised but excited for us. It was fun telling them that way.

3) Easter Sunday-- rest o' the fam. Long story short (I'm tired!). My mom took care of this reveal. We hid all the kids Easter eggs and presents outside at my parents' house. My mom had Ryan hide a few baby items she had on hand (a little hat, a couple of onesies). My sister was the first one to "get it" and then everyone finally knew. Phew!

This big reveal stuff is kind of exhausting and I am super tired. I've noticed a big dislike for Mondays, but know that the rest of the week could be much better.

We have an appt on Friday!


  1. Yeah!!! Does that mean I can put this blog on my blogroll on my blog??? SO excited for you!!! The reveals sounded super fun and adorable. Yeah!

  2. LOVE both Easter reveals! How cute! Glad everyone knows now! Glad you are feeling better too!