Saturday, April 25, 2009


Finally a weekend at home! I guess I've only been running for the past two in a row, but boy is it nice to have a free one.

Brenda was going to come up this weekend at my request to help me "clean sweep". The fact that I invited my sister up to help me clean and organize shows that I'm really desperate. :) She's hopefully going to come next weekend instead.

So, instead, I have been doing a little cleaning and organizing myself today and made a Sams Club run. Rachel and I are meeting up at Ikea this afternoon and I'm wondering why I would attempt Sams Club AND Ikea on the same Saturday...YIKES to BUSY-NESS THERE! I'm very excited to go though and am hoping to find some cute finds.

Feeling pretty good this past week. Tired, of course, but still only the 2 episodes of throwing up to date. NOT BAD AT ALL!!! I'm trying to make sure I'm eating healthy so invested in a mega pack of V8 today to make sure I'm getting all the veggies I need. 2 weeks til next appt. I'll be 10 weeks on Monday! At last! :)

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