Saturday, April 4, 2009


Well, well, well at least it's the weekend.

I woke up feeling pretty good. Not great, but good enough. I took the dog for a walk, came home, started some laundry, cooked breakfast, and laid around with Ryan.

After he left for work, I thought that maybe I was hungry. Thought a lean pocket sounded delicious. WRONG. I wasn't even really feeling nauseous, but sure enough, I have the first puke out of my system. NOT FUN. DISGUSTING. EW. (AND the dog stole the rest of my lean pocket while I was in the bathroom!.

So, now I sit drinking my Sprite. I wasn't planning on drinking pop while I was pregnant, but I've had Sprite 2 days in a row now from nausea. Yuk.


  1. Bummer!!! God, have I mentioned I am SOO SO SO excited?? And can't believe you kept a blog from me for this long :) Thanks for the access :)

  2. Ha! Too funny! Ok- not for you. But seriously this is like reading my own journal entries! I drank Sprite every single day because nothing else made me feel good. Don't feel bad about it! Man- feels like yesterday I was just going through this too! It will get better...eventually!