Monday, April 20, 2009

First real appt

Friday at 8am Ryan and I had our first real appt. It was exciting, but I was also dreading it because of all I knew it would involve. I survived though!

We got to meet our doctor for the first time. I think we made a good choice, especially based on the fact that the RN at our initial consultation appt basically gave us a piece of paper with about 5 business cards on it of doctors. 2 were men and they were ruled out, 1 wasn't accepting new patients. So, what do you do but pick the one who looks the nicest? So we did. Dr. Gurney. I'm very satisfied (especially since she gave 2 thumbs up on me switching to Flintstones vitamins. I was so nervous that I shouldn't have done that and was going to get yelled at!).

So, we did the whole fun exam and tried to listen to baby's heart beat from a handheld doppler but with no luck. She was very reassuring even before we started that it was pretty early, but that she would try. A bit nervewracking, yes, and now we have to wait 4 weeks til our next appt.

Then the horrible part...the blood. Ugh. Oh how I hate needles. I hate shots, I nearly passed out when I got my ears pierced (both times). I think I've only had blood taken like one time before this. So, I put on my brave face (left Ryan in the waiting room with the idea that he might need to carry me out of the place) and faced my doom. I convinced her to use the smallest needle and she did. Luckily it was a one prick deal and she was in. As my blood was oozing out of my arm and filling up FIVE ENTIRE VIALS, I didn't watch. I looked the other way, did a little slow breathing, and tried not to think about it. Then, low and behold, it got REALLY hot in there after she took the needle out. Phew. I was practically sweating and the nurse gave a "'re looking a little pale, let's lean you back in the chair" and she gave me a little water. That was the extent of it. No keeling over, no vomiting. Just a little weakly. Next time I'll bring juice! So...all in all, I feel it was a successful day of progress for me and my needle phobia. Those of you that have given labor and are reading this are probably shaking your heads and wondering how in the world I will survive....well don't worry, I'm thinking the same thing! ;)

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