Friday, April 3, 2009

1st appt, due date, week 6, etc.

To explain my lack of posting the past few days...I AM SO TIRED!!! I don't understand how something as small as an appleseed can make my body feel so exhausted. I am so grateful for my job right now, because I have definately been starting late, leaving early, then working on my computer at night. Here's a recap:

Monday the 30th-- first appt. We met with a nurse, Maren, and she confirmed that we are indeed pregnant. YAY! Ryan came with and then she gave us lots of info about the "program" and lots of booklets, etc. about pregnancy. Nice. She confirmed that our estimated due date right now is November 23rd....right during hunting season. :) So, that means that on the day of the appt I was at 6 weeks. I do like the fact that a few weeks of pregnancy are over before you even know you're pregnant. That's nice. However, I can honestly say that I went to bed on Sunday night really crabby and woke up sick. I think this could be because I didn't sleep very well (which made me crabby AND made me feel more tired). Needless to say, I knelt in front of the toilet for the first time around, but to no avail. I haven't shaken the nausea completely this week and have had repeat appearances in front of the toilet, but I just FEEL sick, I don't actually "get" sick which is ok with me (I hate throwing up).

The other thing she explained is that we'll have the baby at United Hospital which surprised me. I had really hoped to have it at Woodwinds because it is really close and really BEAUTIFUL. The more I thought about it though, the better I feel about it. United is in St.Paul which is plenty close AND it is a lot more medically capable than Woodwinds, so if anything went wrong, we would be in the best of hands. I'll take it!

We have a "Healthy Beginnings" class on Monday night. I think I'll go alone since Ryan works. We also scheduled my first real OB appointment for 4/17. Looking forward to it because I'm excited to meet with the doctor, but not looking forward to it for a couple of obvious reasons (one being blood. yuck.).

Ryan is being really great. He's so excited. We refer to baby as "poppyseed" right now because that's apparently about how big she/he is.

Another note-- Rachel knows now! She called me the other night and was saying how she is moving her wedding date to this December and was trying to decide between early December and late December. I replied, "Well, now is probably a good time to tell you that we're having a baby the end of November!". Haha. She was super shocked and excited and begged me to move home so our babies can grow up together. When that failed, she said she'll move up here which sounds much better. After I tell her that, she tells me that she wants me to be a bridesmaid. Huh! So, that is on the table, but how might I know how big of a dress to get when I have to first become 9 months pregnant, then have this baby, then fit into a dress? Disgusting. We will see. I'm super excited she asked, but we'll see how things work out!

I'm finally meeting with Christy tonight, so this is getting exciting!

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  1. SO glad it's official! What a great feeling!