Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bryce and Ginger

Ryan's cousin Bryce and his wife Ginger know. They are excited!

We went to Ginger's baby shower this weekend in Milton. She had baby Avayda one month ago and she is absolutely beautiful and perfect. PERFECT.

Ryan actually told Bryce during the shower but kept it quiet. After the shower, Bryce kept saying things like, "Boy, I bet these crying kids make you guys want to wait a long time to have kids" etc. etc. Yup.

Then, we went out to dinner with the two of them that night. We had our menus out and were about to order. We brought up the fact that Ben is having a baby. Bryce turned to me and asked, "What are you having?". Awkward! That was totally a set-up because he obviously didn't want to know about my chicken tenders. :) I started cracking up and Ginger said, "Bryce, just ask them. You already asked me." So, we confessed. Bryce had told Ginger on the way over in the car that he thought we had an announcement to make.

So, they were pretty excited for us which was exciting. It was nice to have Ginger to tell a little bit about her pregnancy, etc. We are all especially pumped because there will be 3 2nd cousins within 1 year of each other (Avayda, ours, and Ben's). We have a big family reunion at a campground every July, so we were laughing to look ahead 16 years and see the 3 of them hanging out. Love that!

Tomorrow is our OV confirm appt with RNs. Ryan and I are both going and will find out an EDD and find out about the program, etc. Can't wait!

On a side of my guys, Greg, passed away early this morning. He spent the past week in the hospital. I whispered to him that I was pregnant on Tuesday while he was there. He couldn't talk at that point, but he could smile and flutter his eyes at me and he did. He always gave me so much grief about having a baby, so I feel really lucky to have been able to share the good news with him. It's been a very bittersweet week.

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  1. Yeah! And we STILL are SUPER excited! We wish you the best!