Tuesday, November 3, 2009


November 1st was a strange day. I'm having a baby this month!!! (Well...hopefully! I suppose it could be December, but....) I have a due date this month! :)

Last night was hospital tour day for baby class #4 of 5. These 4 weeks really flew by. I feel like I just posted about baby class #1 and next week we're done! That means that the past few weeks of pregnancy have also flown by. Geesh!

We had an appt on Friday morning and got lots of info from the doc about questions that we've thought of. I really like her. No progress on the baby front which did not surprise me in the least. Baby is WAY too comfortable in there to be wanting out. I don't feel like the pregnant women that are demanding to be induced or who are so miserable that they beg to have the baby out. I'm pretty comfy...for now. The only pain in the butt I have is actually my hands. THey are so numb and tingly...especially when I sleep. Other than that...days are good. Evenings I get a little crabby, tired, uncomfortable, but nothing too bad. Still sleeping really good most nights of the week. Next appt is Friday.

I made a little more progress on the nursery (bumper--check. valances--check.) Will post finalized pics oncce it's all done. I'm going to do letters spelling out his name on the polka dot wall and take those down for the most part. I just am not happy with the colors...I think that's the problem.

My sister-in-law was due yesterday with their baby girl. No news yet. Ryan's cousin is due a couple of days before us, so adding to the abbotts is a pretty fitting name! I've dreamt twice in the past week that I've had the baby. First dream he had brown hair which made me happy, and 2nd dream he was actually a girl which DIDN'T make his dad very happy. :) You never know!

So, today I'm going to work from home for most of the day since yesterday was a long one. I'm currently hanging out in bed with the dog. Funny thing is that as I was typing this post, I didn't realize that my water bottle had fallen on the bed. All of the sudden I felt wetness and of course I had the split second thought that my water had broken. haha! Nope. Just a really wet bed. :)

Pics of Halloween with Anna and Ryan to come.

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