Saturday, November 21, 2009

A few thoughts...

Ryan and I sit here leisurely sipping on our coffee with french vanilla creamer. Love. He just finally started drinking coffee when he started his new day hours. I like weekend coffee time. :) It's such a nice crisp Fall day and there is frost on the yard. Makes a girl want to put up her Christmas tree, but Ryan is still trying to hold me off. We'll see how the weekend progresses!

Speaking of progress...none on the baby front other than the fact that I am getting to a more uncomfortable stage. Really sore back yesterday and still the ridiculous hand tingling. I feel confident that I won't need to be induced, but it makes me nervous to write that here because now I will have to! Jinxed.

I think we're basically "ready" now. Can I say that that is a really hard question to be asked on a routine basis? Are you ready? Are you ready? Ready how? Like do I have the baby's nursery ready? Yes. Are you ready? Well, I'm freaked out about the extreme pain that I know my body will be going through in no more than a week and a half, but yes, I guess I'm "ready". And as of yesterday at 5:30, I feel pretty ready in regards to work. Sure there are still things to do, but if I did have the baby this weekend, I would feel ok knowing things would be fine at work. That's reassuring! Since I ultimately will probably be going back to work Monday anyway, I will be able to use whatever I have of next week to finalilze those things and to work on some projects that I haven't gotten to. Very low stress. Love that.

Oh, by the way...know how to get your husband to answer his phone at work every single time you call? Be 9 months pregnant. Haha. I hesitate to call Ryan at all because everytime I do he has this anxious voice because he thinks I'm calling to say I'm going into labor. It's funny. Did I mention how ridiculously excited that guy is? Very. I should mention impatient too. :)

So, this weekend we're just going to do a little more nesting...a few errands, possibly a movie tonight. Hope you all have a happy one. :)

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