Monday, November 23, 2009

Week 40

Holy moly. Here I am!

Puffy and swollen, but otherwise doing good still! Ryan is amused (and disgusted?) by the puffiness of my feet and my hands and I'm still going crazy from the tingling.

We had a laid-back weekend here. Planned on going out to see a movie, but decided to rent movies and get ice cream instead! :) We probably should have taken advantage of the opportunity, I know I know. It was so nice to be able to keep the sweats on instead though!

I got some work done yesterday to save a PTO day for later this week and am planning on heading into the office this afternoon as well. This should be a pretty boring week until baby comes because, like I mentioned before, I'm pretty ready.

Our entertainment of the weekend? Squirrels. :) Ryan bought a new bird feeder and a corn holder and the squirrels have been our amusement out our big window in our living room. Need I mention the constant state of stress and anxiety we are causing Tytan?! No, I think he likes it. He sits on the little perch we have for him in front of the window and stares intently out it. This morning there were 8 of them out there. I have an amusing (to me) squirrel post with Ryan coming up...maybe tonight. :)

Last news: we're going to have a Thanksgiving! Yesterday Ryan invited his dad and sisters up on Thursday, knowing that they'll either visit us at the hospital or there won't be a baby yet and Ryan will be cooking T-Day dinner. It should be a pretty simple one, so I'm not worried about being stressed about--especially since he's cooking! It will be nice to have something to do that day (if I don't have something BIGGER to do that day!!!).

And the very last news.... OUR CHRISTMAS TREE IS UP!!!!! :) WOOOOO-HOOOOO!

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