Friday, November 6, 2009

Appt update, Weekend ahead

Another appt today. Not dilated. Doctor said she thinks we'll have a December baby. Nice, huh? Actually I'm glad she isn't telling me he will come earlier. I would rather have the mindset that he will be late and then be surprised if he is early or on time. That seems like it would help with sanity a little better. AND, I still feel good.

This weekend: BIG project! Ryan and I stopped at Home Depot on our way home from the appt and we have a big crafty project to do for the baby's room. Should be the last major thing and the room is set. It involves his name, so unfortunately I won't be revealing the WHOLE finished project for you once it's done, but I will show you a peek. Maybe. :)

My roomie from college is coming up tomorrow to see our place and to go to lunch, so that should be fun too. Can't wait!

Other than that? Organization, cleaning, and a little R & R!

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