Friday, November 13, 2009

Pregnancy is a real pain in the....

arms. and hands. ouch.

How did no one ever tell me about this? I heard about all the others and no one ever tries to sugar coat things in general, so why did no one mention the incredible tingling pain in my arms and my hands? Oh dear. This is especially painful at night and keeps me awake on and off as I alternate sides and then alternate arms start hurting. Doctor says its normal (like pregnancy induced carpal tunnel) and won't go away til I have the baby. Drives me nuts. Happens during the day too, but not to the capacity it does when I'm trying to sleep. Big time pain. In the middle of the night I was thinking of what to compare it too and at that point I felt like both of my hands had been slammed in a car door, but then the person driving pulled forward and my right arm went with it. That's what it felt like. ;)

So now, I type my complaints with puffy, tingly hands. Oh joy.

Note that my ticker at the top says 10 days. 10 days! We had our Wednesday appt cancelled because the doctor was delivering a baby, so we're seeing someone else today since she is now out of town. We'll see if there is any progress, but I won't get my hopes up. I keep giving the disclaimer that I'm due in 12, 11, 10 days but then I add the 7 days I could potentially go overdue so that I am being reasonable and won't have a completely miserable week of being overdue. Obviously it's realistic, right?

Weekend should be fun though--Josh and Michelle are coming up so we should have lots to do. They were of course hoping a baby would be here or on the way. Sorry guys. ;)

Happy Friday everyone.

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