Sunday, October 25, 2009

Blog Stalking

I'm done using Christy's blog as my homepage in order to see what my favorite blogs are up to. Nope, I finally took the time to add them to my own blog list. To the left you'll see my updated list of those I read on a day-to-day basis. I'm so excited! :) Haha. PLUS, a few new ones that I've stumbled across from the Unexpectedly Expecting just had TWINS! ;) And of course, I am forever a fan of the Life in Transition blog. Fun, fun!!


  1. Christy--you should be sad that you are down to #16 of 17 blogs as far as who has updated lately! That's way at the bottom of the list!!! ;)

  2. Okay, since I'm on your list, I'm adding you to mine (I too was using Christy's blog as my primary route to your blog).