Sunday, August 2, 2009


Well, I feel like it was a pretty productive weekend...maybe not AS productive as it could have been, but not bad!

Friday I did some packing and cleaning.

Saturday-- Ryan and I still had 1/2 the garage filled up with a couch and entertainment center that we sold at the garage sale and needed to deliver. So, we loaded those up along with all the stuff we had to drop off at goodwill and got that all done. Nice.

Best thing Saturday??? We got a carseat and stroller!!! So exciting! At Christy's suggestion, we had been looking for a Chicco carseat since they are super easy to get in and out and have really good ratings. We had been watching craigslist and Ebay, but I hadn't been convinced that I wanted someone else's carseat. BUT we saw a really good deal on the pair (+ 2 bases!!!!) and they were located in Apple Valley so we figured it was worth going to look at. We must have found the ad RIGHT after they posted it, because we were the first to respond (phew!). Contacted them that night, heard back in the morning, and by noon we were in front of their amazingly beautiful townhome on the lake in Apple Valley. (I started feeling better and better about a used carseat when we pulled up in front of this house!) Then, we met the husband and wife (who their baby girl there too) and their house was amazing, they were obviously very well-to-do and had taken incredibly good care of their things. They showed us how everything worked, had only used it for a year, and she had taken off any fabric and washed them in baby detergent before selling it. It was in perfect condition and they were perfect, so we figured it was a good deal! :) SOLD!

Here they are...

Ryan gave me a lesson on putting it all together, and I am super stoked to have it! It feels good to have another thing crossed off the list.

Saturday afternoon, after dropping the rest of the stuff off, we went to Kari and TY's for a couple's night. We all laughed about how much times have changed since we've gotten older...we were all falling asleep watching TV at about 8:00. :) We grilled out though and had DQ for dessert and a good time was had by all. Got to see Baby Tegan again too!

This morning we went to IHOP for a late breakfast and dropped off the couch. Back home where Ryan mowed and I pulled some weeds and then did some more packing in the house. Looking around the house I don't FEEL like things are prepared for moving by any means, but at least we have a few empty cupboards and drawers that are all packedup and cleaned out...

Here's baby's loot to move:

Can't wait to actually have his real bedroom to put it all away in!

Why do I have a feeling that these next 2 weeks are going to be gone before I know it? Boo to moving!


  1. yeah, GREAT FIND! I am SO jealous! I love the colors, too!!! Good job, so exciting for you!