Sunday, August 30, 2009

Neighbor dogs


Here's Tytan on the look out. Both places we have lived have had "ledges". Ledges that are hardly enough to fit a 95-lb dog, but Tytan somehow does it. If you can't tell, the following picture is of him perched up on this ledge looking out the window at the neighbor's Saint Bernard. The Saint Bernard who barks AND barks AND barks whenever he sees anyone and then continues for 15 minutes after they've left. LOVE THAT. Again...ugh.

If this was the only dog, it would be more tolerable, but no...there are two. I would choose the Saint Bernard anytime over the other option: a hyperactive, bipolar "mutt" who is clearly part pit bull. I'm thinking a nice 10-foot fence would be helpful? Geesh!

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