Monday, August 31, 2009

2nd Trimester list

I refreshed my memory by looking at my list from my 1st trimester. Here's what's new this past trimester:

1. Started it out with a crazy love for Gushers. Haven't had them since the beginning, but I was at a pack or 2 a day. :)
2. I have eaten more Kraft mac and cheese this trimester then in the past 5 years. Gotta love that cheesy-deliciousness!
3. I am still (KNOCK ON WOOD!) sleeping really well. I have occasional bouts of being restless in the middle of the night, but overall, I have NO complaints. I usually fall asleep on my right side and then wake up feeling guilty and turn to my left. My book says that either is ok! I bought an awesomely soft body pillow and am in LOVE.
4. I had more "morning sickness" this past few weeks to a month then in the beginning, even one bout of throwing up (in the middle of the night!).
5. I gag when I brush my teeth. (Sorry for the details!)
6. I have had quite a bit more energy which means less naps during the week, but I sitll love a good weekend nap (as I did before pregnancy!)
7. Boy oh boy am I irritable! I have had so many bouts of extreme irritation. More than before pregnancy, that's for sure. It comes from frustration, Tytan being naughty, noises, not being able to fix things, annoying neighbors, whatever. It just comes.
8. I still SQUEEEEEZE into my pre-prego jeans because I don't have any maternity jeans (darn being tall!). I have a bella band and the rubberband itself is pretty helpful.
9. I haven't had a lot of back pain, but my legs and feet get sore.
10. Still stressed about my water consumption.
11. When I hear about a certain food, I WANT it. For example, Ryan and I were in Apple Valley and we rolled the windows down. I smelled what I thought was chinese and immediately wanted that. We stopped at a garage sale and I saw Subway which made me want THAT. Luckily I made it home without any other cravings. It's bad.
12. Baby kicks A LOT! It's sooo much fun that I can't help but smile when I feel the little bugger move. I feel like the first movements were pretty early, but they were DEFINITELY movements. It also felt early when Ryan could start feeling him, but sure enough! Ryan is very impatient though. If he puts his hand on my belly he has about a 5-second patience level and then he scolds the baby for not moving. It's quite funny and I think it goes to show that baby will be a mama's boy. :)
13. We are constantly on the lookout for kids/babies that we think ours will look like. Yesterday at the zoo for example. Personally I look at the way people dress babies and kids and then check with Ryan for his opinion on that kid's "style". hah.
14. My belly button has popped out a little.
15. Another favorite: thick and creamy yogurt. This is strange to me given the gagging while brushing my teeth, but I just love it.

Random list, but I'm sure I'll think of more now that I his to publish this post. What a crazy and exciting time!

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