Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weekend update

I really should be posting pictures of the chaos that we are living in right now! Geesh! That said, we do have a lot more progress. It was a productive weekend.

First of all-- Friday night we went to Hammond to see "The Johnny Holm Band". Nick made us go for 2 reasons....1 was to see if the band would be good for next year's RF days....and 2 was to meet his new girlfriend. I voted yes to both. :) It started DOWNPOURING while we were under the tent though, so first we were stuck (not wanting to run through the downpour) and then we decided to go for it and ended up soaked.

Saturday we packed up all of our boxes in the truck and made our first trip to the new house. We unloaded everything we had packed so we could reuse the boxes (not to mention that I NEEDED to see some visible progress after all this stinking packing!). We decided whose room would be whose, and alas, Baby has a room (I should mention that I have a name in MY head for this baby and Ryan and I are in agreement. We refer to the room as "_________'s room", and I need to be careful so I don't slip up on our secret.). BUT anyway, baby has a room. :) It's a light brown which I think will be fine since there are so many colors in his bedding. So exciting to actually have HIS room to put HIS stuff. Here's a positive AND a negative: 1) we're getting ALL new flooring at the new house. Carpet throughout, plus new laminate to replace the linoleum in the kitchen. Very excited about that; however, 2) It won't happen until 3 weeks after we move in. :( SOOOO, we'll move and then we'll have to be moving everything around afterwards anyway. Boo.

We took a packing break last night and went to dinner at Famous Daves and then out to a movie. Saw "The Ugly Truth". Pretty funny, especially certain parts. Not the best movie I've ever seen, but I laughed pretty hard (AND I love that Irish accent! yum!).

Today has been nothing more than packing and cleaning some more. Ok, ok, I did sneak in a 2 hour nap. :) I think I deserve it.

We really do have almost everything packed up and sitting in our living room right now. Nothing is really left in our cupboards. I can not wait to actually be moved!!!!!

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