Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sugary orange pop

I quick glanced at my Twitter updates to the left and realized I never updated on my appt on Friday.

1. The sugary orange drink was not bad. It was cold and very, very sweet. Luckily, I like sweet stuff.
2. An hour (the wait after drinking it) ticks by VERY slowly when you have a timer with you literally counting down the seconds.
3. The doctor won't be moving our due date to the 15th (what baby was measuring at at the last ultrasound).
4. She only let's people go 1 week and 2 days over their EDD. That means that the latest I would be induced would be December 1st. Ryan's birthday is December 3rd, and let's not be crazy and even JOKE about me being in labor for that long people!
5. I'm measuring right on at between 25-26 weeks.
6. I don't even glance at the scale. Puh-lease. Just tell me if there is a problem, please. :)
7. I didn't not pass out, get hot, sweat, turn pale, need to be leaned back, or feel like I was going to throw up when they took my blood. That's a first.
8. You would not believe the sense of pride I had after that. I was bragging to Ryan about how amazing I did and I told him to just see what bragging rights I would have once I push a baby out after being so excited about surviving a blood draw! :)
9. I do not have gestational diabetes. Huge relief.
10. Next appt: the shot for having a negative blood type. Another fun appt to look forward to!

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