Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Life and Lessons- Year 3

Us 1 year ago

Today is me and Ryan's 3rd Anniversary! We don't get to see each other today except for sleeping, but Ryan got me a be-au-ti-ful bouquet of roses that were delivered to my work. Love em!

Here's a summary of our 3rd year: Life and Lessons :)

*We moved from Woodbury to Brooklyn Park
*We sold 3 vehicles--Ryan's crotch rocket, honda civic, and chevy exchange he got one vehicle :)
*We both kept the same jobs (though Ryan had a second job for awhile)
*Lesson: marriage isn't a given; once you're married you need to work even harder then when you're dating.
*We're growing a baby!
*We drove around the countryside looking at houses while we were on a kick, but ultimately decided to continue living rent-free for awhile more
*We booked and cancelled a trip to Mexico (thanks baby! j/k)
*We camped 2 times
*We enjoyed the giddy and amazing moment of feeling baby's first moves
*We had couples dates with Kari and Tyler
*Lesson: our relationship is like a cycle. If one of us does something that bothers the other, the other had the bad habit of doing something to bother the other person. Hence a vicious cycle, but all in all, a lesson learned. Mostly corrected ;)
*We went to some weddings--Josh and Michelle's, Cap and Antonella's, Ben and Jackie's.
*We canoed
*Ryan got training for my company (almost done)
*We got a fancy new camera--something we both like to play with
*We started a savings account
*We saw Toby Keith in a bar :)
*Lesson: talk, talk, talk
*We spent time with our oldest and best(est) friends :)
*We went to lots and lots of garage sales together scouring for baby stuff (the year before we drove past the garage sales with "dumb baby stuff"--now we can hardly find them!)
*Ryan played in his first softball league in MN
*We daydreamed about what our baby boy will be like
*We debated baby names
*We did a lot of reflecting on ourselves and us as a couple and are stronger because of it

So, not an especially eventful year, but another year of life together. These random moments and memories are what make up our lives! Cheers to the next years!

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