Saturday, December 26, 2009

My good little sleeper only a good sleeper during the day.

He can lay down and sleep like a rock for hours upon hours during the day. Then when he falls asleep at night when we rock him or feed him, he is out like a light...until we lay him down. Then he stays sleeping for another 5-15 minutes or so and wakes up grunting and groaning and making all kinds of noises. We don't pick him up until it turns into an actual cry.

He's waking up almost every hour during the night for the past week or so. Feed him, rock him, sleeps, lay him down, sleeps, wakes up soon after, repeat. It's pretty exhausting! He doesn't CRY much though, just makes all of his crazy noises and cries if he is hungry.

So, mamas, I need some tips! He's too young to let him cry yet (right?) and I have a nice soft blanket he lays on in his crib (very safe--all tucked in!!!), soothing music, a warm room, tried the pacifier, etc...what's next?

I would love some ideas of how to get the little man's schedule turned around so he isn't sleeping so much during the day and is actually sleeping at night. :) Help?

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  1. The "experts" say no crying it out until 5-6 months.

    My sister had good luck with keeping the baby awake during the day (dressing and undressing, bathing, etc); we always put Reece and Jett to sleep in the crib (even during the day), so the sleeping conditions remain consistent, but we still have issues with Jett waking up when we put him in the crib. Swaddling works for some too. Another thing we did with the crib this time was adjusted it so the mattress is at an angle so his head is slightly elevated.

    Hang in there! Some babies just aren't great sleepers - mine included!!!