Wednesday, December 30, 2009

1 month

Conley is 1 month old today.

According to our own scale, he weighs almost 13lbs.

He holds his head up really well and does a fair share of headbanging against mom and dad.

Loves his hands and has to have them in front of his face.

Has sucked his thumb a time or two but definitely loves his hands by his mouth.

Makes more noises than I can believe (which we NEED a video camera to document!!!)--those that have heard his array of noises are quite amused by them.

Likes his swing and his bouncy seat.

Does not like his carseat if he is awake (but has slept 4 hours in a row the past 2 nights in a row in it!).

Seems to like music and dancing around to it with me :)

Does not like his crib much these days. He's been congested the past few days and I'll use that as the reason (hence the sleeping in the carseat).

Is often content being laid down in his pack and play while he's awake where he can sit and make his noises and wiggle around.

He has 2 signature looks that I LOVE-- 1 is the little bird look where he opens his mouth and does a little "elvis lip" action....usually when we tickle his cheeks or his chin; the other he crinkles his eye brow revealing a "dimple" he has above his right eye.

Has the MOST AMAZING blue eyes ever and eyelashes that are growing and are now longer than mine (not a difficult feat, believe me...he didn't get my lashes!).

Smiles often and has let out a few giggles.

Likes to be held on his side/belly with our hand on his belly.

Likes to rock in the rocking chair.

Likes to eat. Duh. ;)

Likes his changing table.

Loves baths.

Generally is a really laid-back baby, but lately he DOES NOT WANT TO GO TO SLEEP AT NIGHT. During the day he is fine, but as soon as I lay him down for what I want to be the last time that night, he decides not to and it takes about an hour and a half to finally get him settled. Ugh.

Loves to be held and can fall asleep most anytime in our arms.

0-3 outfits still fit for the most part, but we have already retired a few items that he has outgrown. He can wear a few 3-6 outfits as well.

Tolerates tummy time well.

Not a big crier-- mostly only when he is hungry or gassy.

That's it for now...I'm sure I'll think of more as we go. I got his first scrapbook page done today...yay!!!

Even when he is crabby and crying and waking me up in the middle of the night, I am madly in love with the little man and still can't believe he is ours. Those smiles melt my heart!!!

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