Thursday, October 1, 2009

My First Shower

Ryan's cousin Rachel threw a joint shower with their side of the family this past Sunday. It was for both me and Ryan and Ben and Jackie. Very fun! Ryan's Grandma Dixie is up from Texas this week and we haven't seen her since our wedding 3 years ago, so it was a good opportunity for lots of family pictures as well.

Here's a few:

OH they yummy cupcakes. Oh how I want one right now. Ben and Jackie are having a girl (hence the pink and blue).

Me and Ryan

The boys with their respective colors. Ben's bib says "I'm not a boy" and Ryan's says "Boys are better". I don't think this battle of the sexes will ever be over.

The ultimate baby shower game with the candy bars. So funny! I think it's safe to say this was the first time playing for the guys of the group. (I won!) :)

Me and Jackie. Rachel cut out the super cute BABY letters. Wow we're big. Thanks for the photo opp Rach. ;)

Bryce, Ginger, Avayda, and Grandma Dixie-- this is great-grandchild #2

The Ab Fam

Dixie with all her grandchildren (-4) and her 2 great-grandchildren

It was a really fun day and we got lots of good baby stuff. Very exciting!!! My sister and mom are having a shower for me in a couple of weeks. After that we should know what we have and don't have and should definitely be pretty prepared!

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