Sunday, October 25, 2009

Nursery Pics

We have the nursery MOSTLY done. There are a few things to add (valances ordered. bumper pad ordered.) Here's some pics of our progress:

This was my project for today. I have one in our living room that I made with a square punch and it's one of my favorite things. So, I was in the mood to do something crafty and this is the result. Circle punch + glue stick + canvas (+ a few buttons) = wall art! I'm pretty happy with how it turned out in comparison to the crib sheets.

This is the million piece dresser we bought at Ikea a few weeks ago. Nice deep drawers.

This is the "changing table" Ryan made. We saw something similar online and thought it was pretty cool. So, Ryan surprised me with the handy-man side he has kept hidden all these years and made this. He cut notches so it fits right on the crib rails snugly, but then it can be removed in between. It's a good height since we're both tall and then we padded it with a normal changing table pad with the straps. I like.

See the polka dots on the wall? That one wall has large and small dots/circles in orange, brown, green, and yellow. I'd show you a full picture if I was set on it, but now I'm having doubts. We'll see if they stay up or if I change my mind. They're the great sticker ones and I cut some of them to layer up like the bedding. The rocker was free from a friend and the fabulous basket of blocks was a present from my mom. Very cute!

Cute li'l " sleeping" hanging from my neice and nephew for my shower... I want a small stand for it so I can keep it on the dresser instead of hanging it on the wall. The light is from a garage sale from my sister. :)

Large rubber ducky bath was filled with tons of baby stuff from Steph, Michelle, and Kirsten at my shower. For now I'm using it to hold baby's stuffed animals (some of which are mine from when I was little). Now...if only I could keep Tytan away from them. :)

That's that! Now all we need is a baby right? RIiiiight.... :)


  1. You are SO ready for this baby!!! Can't wait!

  2. Sarah, the nursery looks awesome. Im am so excited for you. I plan on coming and seeing the little guy after hes born( just so you know :) . I love you guys and cannot wait!!!!