Saturday, October 24, 2009

30 days (or so...)

Yesterday I had my last 2 week appointment. Now I'm down to weekly ones til baby comes!

I am not dilated at all. Not surprised. THis baby is way too comfortable in there to be coming early. I know he'll be late. I'm prepared for that and am ok with that for now. haha.

The other thing at my appt was that I got my H1N1 vaccine. My doctor basically said I had to get it, though she did say she wouldn't hold me down and make me if I didn't want it. Ryan was more opposed to it, but based on the fact that the doctor was telling me (along with all of the hype about pregnant women being most at risk), I got it. The doctor said there is up to a 30% death rate for pregnant women, so I went with it. What a controversy.

This weekend Ryan went to visit a college friend in Shawano and I'm home nesting and scrapbooking. I'm enjoying a weekend to myself and know that there won't be all that many more of those. :) I actually went to bed at 7:30 last night (thought Tytan gave me lots of mommy practice by getting me up TWICE in the middle of the night to go out side. SERIOUSLY?!). Looks like it will be a nice weekend!

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