Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Where we are

-5 weeks away from a baby
-baby's clothes are all washed and in his drawers
-nursery is assembled with a few minor things to do
-finished baby class #2 or 5
-surivived the birth video
-lots to figure out for work before I go
-more pregnancy scrapbook pages to complete, but feeling so good about it!
-bought a diaper bag this past weekend
-trying to figure out what to do with the dog when I go into labor
-wanting to do some more major nesting (at home AND at work!)
-trying not to think or worry about this H1N1 stuff
-terribly nervous and distressed about the actually labor and delivery
-contemplating what to have baby wear home
-sleeping well again (knock on wood)
-not particularly hungry most of the time
-with incredibly sore feet--that's my only major pain
-enjoying some super cute new baby and parenting blogs I stumbled across from the bump
-realizing that there will be THREE Abbott babies born in November. Ryan also has a cousin due 4 days before us and his brother is due the first week of November.
-trying to finalize plans for my maternity leave and the details there
-needing to return the bumper pad I bought and order one online
-surreal to think that we'll actually have a baby in 5 (or 6?) weeks

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