Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sunshine Day

Yay--the sun is back! No real complaints here. I don't like the rain, but I was SOOOOO incredibly ready for fall, so I'm actually totally fine with the cold. No more sweating (well, almost). :)

I had a surprise work shower yesterday. I didn't get any pictures since it was a surprise, but I did take a picture of all the great stuff they got us. Another one for the baby book!

This weekend is my last shower, and it is at my mom's. Excited to see some friends and family and the rest of the weekend should be great too.

On the homefront--I'm turning into quite the domestic goddess. Haha, well that's what I like to tell Ryan I am. With Ryan working days it means we actually have dinner together most nights. So, I'm talking to my mom on the phone every day planning out what I'm going to make and how. So far so good. The house is staying pretty clean too, especially after our power weekend of home projects.

As I'm morphing into domestic goddess, Ryan is turning into quite the handy-man. Who knew?! He made me one of THESE this weekend (ok, let's be honest. It's for the baby, but....) it turned out really good (it's a changing table to sit on top of the crib and to be moved when not in use). I just need to paint his and then I'll post pics. He also changed around light fixtures for me and did a bunch of other stuff. Now that i know he has these skills....oh boy. What fun I can have! Next up: a toy box/bench that Tytan can sit on when looking out the window in the living room but will double as a toy box. Yay for husband!

Baby is moving like crazy, like usual! Ryan gets to feel him all the time and it continues to amaze both of us. We think we experienced hiccups last night for the first time. How weird! Also, we are all signed up for our one and only parenting class and hospital tour. 6 1/2 weeks to go!

So, I should probably get to work here, but thought I'd do a quick update since it's been awhile. Happy Wednesday!

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