Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's been awhile!

Long time, no blog. My computer caught a nasty virus, so I was computer-less for awhile. Sorry to those of you who are my facebook friends and got soem freaky lil message from me. Woops. Totally not me, of course, but annoying just the same!

So, today we went to my grandpa's for Father's Day. I got many a comment on my belly and I think that it means that yes, I have popped a little bit, and that the shirts I've been wearing this weekend do make me look more pregnant. Here's the beauty of it though: this could be the same belly I've always tried to cover with normal clothes throughout life; now, instead, I can wear things more fitting to it and blame it on being pregnant. Beautiful, no? :)

Feeling good though. I've still been pretty darned tired and am wondering if that will EVER STOP? I know it won't stop once the baby comes, so if I could just have an entire day of feeling rested NOW, that would be lovely.

Speaking of sleeping though, we have a success story. Tytan has not slept in our bed since the first time I posted about it. Now he doesn't even try to jump up. It's awesome! He mostly sleeps out on the couch now instead of in our room, but sleeping on the couch is definitely the lesser of two evils. It's wonderful. Really. Parenting success one. Check.

That's all. Just having a relaxing weekend and waiting for Ryan to get home from his softball game so we can attempt a homemade taco pizza. Yum! :)

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