Sunday, June 7, 2009

Parenting 101

Ryan and I...well...I had a good parenting test this weekend. Getting the baby out of the bed. Ha.

Don't look his innocence fool you! Imagine THIS sprawled out with BOTH of us in a queen sized bed every night. Yikes. Ryan and I are not small people, and I'm certainly not getting any smaller (nor is the dog). So...operation get the dog out of our bed.

So, here's our attempt. Note that it is indeed made of fabric and fluff...some of Tytan's favorite chewing materials. Oh boy.

Last night I gave it at try. I mean, this dog sleeps with us every single night we've had him practically. Not curled up nicely at the foot of the bed as some dogs might (keep in mind he is 95 lbs) He likes to lay right between my legs all curled up. Lately though, he seems to have taken up residence a little bit more on Ryan's side of hte bed which is why we bought him a bed. I'm obviously the more tolerant of the two.

Not last night though. I was the one who had to play bad cop. Tytan and I went to bed first. I pulled his up next to my side of the bed (obviously) and tried to get him to sit in it. He went nuts and ran out of the room. Next attempt, he did lie down. Then, when I turned the light off, he jumped up on the bed. I tried to wrestle-wrangle him out of our bed and back into his. Phew. One more round of that after lights-out and we were somewhat "good to go". I just had to lay with one arm hanging out of the bed for awhile so he knew mama was right there. :)

Two attempts to jump up in the middle of the night. That's it. He pretty much stayed in his little spot the whole time. We made sure to give him lots of affection today to let him know we still love him. Honestly I don't think I slept any better last night (I was feeling too guilty about my baby sleeping on the floor. Ha). Maybe tonight? I sure did have more leg room, that is for sure.

I kept thinking of the couple of episodes of seen of Super Nanny where she tries to wrangle kids into bed. Consistency is the key. Wish me luck tonight!

While we're on the subject. Here's Ryan's parenting attempts this weekend. Poor dog. ;)

Fat dog in a little stroller. Sorry for the full frontal. :)

We'll make GREAT parents with all this practice, right? HAHAHAH!

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