Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend Recap

We had quite a lazy weekend around here!

Saturday we were productive for a little bit and got the garage cleaned up (mostly) from the garage sale. We decided to make a spontaneous trip to the Mall of America for dinner and a little shopping.

We had dinner and Bubba Gump's and it was delish! As if dinner itself wasn't enough, we shared the chocolate chip cookie sundae which was pretty much amazing! Good thing we did some good mall walking after that! yum!

Today I finally tracked down a new pool for Tytan since his has holes in the bottom. He does like the pool quite a bit. Fat dog in a little pool! :)

Tonight: I went to Ryan's softball game. They are 4-4. Here's the thing: they only win games that I don't go to. Seriously! I hadn't gone to the last 4 games and they won them all. I went tonight and they lost. I'm thinking that maybe I shouldn't go next time? Ryan, however, did get 2 homeruns over the fence even though his team got spanked. Here's the link to their team blog, at Ryan's request. :) I might just test the jinx next week and go to see if they can actually win while I'm there. We'll see.

Off to bed soon for another amazingly fast flying week I'm sure.

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