Saturday, March 6, 2010

First FT Week

Well, our first FT week is over. Conley did amazingly most days, but since he is a baby and all, he also had some difficult moments. Overall though, it went well. I basically just worked my schedule around him every day that I could and went home to work when he let me know he'd had enough. He is pretty popular around the office though--turns on the charm big time when someone else talks to him. Very funny.

I had one meeting yesterday with 5 kids present--and only 7 adults. Yup, that's the way we roll at my company!

We are, however, going to meet with a daycare option tomorrow. She is a referral of the person I was going to go with and sounds SUPER flexible (and cheap!). She's a home-schooling SAHM, so I think it sounds pretty good so far.

Nothing will sound perfect when it comes to leaving my baby boy with someone else, but I have to figure something out!

All in all, SOO glad it's Saturday. I will be working a bit today, but I have to take advantage of the daddy-baby time to actually be efficient! :)

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  1. Your job sounds great for you to be able to bring him with you!