Sunday, March 7, 2010

3 months

I never did an update of Con-man at 3 months so here it goes...

He's holding up his head like a champ
Moving like crazy--squirm, squirm, squirm
Wearing mostly 6mo+ outfits
Wearing size 3 diapers
Sleeping 3 hours in a row at night on average
Super smiley with lots of giggles
Screams bloody murder when 5:00 rolls around
Is starting to like his car seat more (it looks like an amusement park...I have so many toys rigged up!)
Likes story time--me and Conley laying on the floor with the book in the air :)
Is becoming moody about bath's hit or miss
Loves his play mat and is getting good at grabbing his toys
Putting in 40 hour weeks with mom :)
Noisy, noisy, noisy-- screeches, screams, giggles, cries, etc.

So much more, but I already typed up his 3-month letter, so we're good.

Here's some pics and I updated the carseat pic to the left. We removed his fleece liner and he actually looks smaller this month because of it. Don't be deceived. :)

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