Saturday, March 27, 2010

Grow, grow, grow

My baby really looks more like a toddler.

exhibit A

When did THIS happen? Some mornings I seriously look at him and think that while he slept (sporadically) through the night, he changed a little...and believe me, I get to see what he looks like at least every 3 hours during the night! SIGH.

We've hit a couple of major milestones in the past couple of days. Conley is OFFICIALLY SITTING UP UNASSISTED!


I was telling Ryan yesterday that I thought it was pretty early for him to be sitting up already. We got out the "What to Expect..." book and Ryan was reading off what he could/should be accomplishing at the end of Month 4. We were giving nods and "uh-huhs" until we came to the fact that they MIGHT be able to roll over at the end of 4 months and we said NOPE. Can't do that one. Not even a few minutes later, as if to say "Heck yeah, I can!", Conley rolled over from his bell on to this back. No lie. He's stubborn like that and wanted to prove us wrong. :) I'm sure we won't see a repeat of this amazing feat again for awhile, but he sure timed his first successful roll appropriately.

Other than that, we are also apparently teething. Do you see a common factor in the following pictures???

And we're crabby. With rosy cheeks. and some serious appreciation for the frozen teething ring. We'll see!

I briefly mentioned sleep, but for real, he's still getting us up a MINIMUM of 2 times and USUALLY that is more like every 2-3 hours. No lie. The problem, however, is that he has no schedule or routine which is my fault. More to come..."Working with Conley" deserves it's own post. :)

Happy Saturday--more to come!

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  1. Wow, that's impressive that he's sitting up alone! Peyton has mastered the rolling from back to belly, but not vice versa yet. Her hands are always in her mouth too, or her toys...or her blankets... :o)