Saturday, March 27, 2010

Workin' Man

Ahh....working with Conley. Where do I start?

Don't let the concept fool you. It's a wonderful opportunity, yes. BUT it is HARD. I knew it would be, but I also knew (KNOW) that it is worth it in many ways.

Here's the equation...

Sweet baby boy + teething + mama with things to accomplish in order to earn a paycheck = STRESSFUL

Here's this week, as "typical" as it can get...

Monday: Started out bright and early by dropping him off at the babysitter at 8:30. I hurried to the office to get as much accomplished in 4 hours as possible. Success. Got organized and felt ready to start the week. Picked the boy up at the babysitters and headed to one of my houses in Woodbury. Slept in the car, slept for a while at the house. Had a meeting--slept through it. Drove to 2nd house--slept in car. Dad picked him up there at 5:30 and mom continued working til about 7.

Tuesday: Full day at the office starting with a meeting at 9. Was awake and distracting most of the time. Then had a speaker which I was supposed to attend, but was unable to due to distraction of very warm baby with no pants on. :) Instead, we sat in the back of the office and he entertained a resident who was visiting. Attempted to get him to take a nap while also trying to check emails and make attempts at some sort of productivity. Fail. Broke out the Tylenol. Sucess. Slept for about an hour as I wrapped up a little paperwork and he slept through 1/2 a budget meeting. Woke up and proceeded to be distracting. Fed him a bottle (this wasn't the first bottle of the week, promise.). Went to "Work Book Club" meeting and he slept again. Woke up during it and was crabby and needed to be walked around. Tried to talk with one of the people I'm training in while jiggling baby. Pretty successful. Crabby until any-person-who-smiles-at-him walks by. THEN, he turns into this adorable and happy little boy who giggles like crazy. Repeat. Any-person-who-smiles-at-him says, "What a happy boy" and "What a good boy" and I roll my eyes. He spits up on me which signifies that we need to go home. It's about 5:00.

Wednesday: Had a 9:00 meeting with the owner of the company. Conley slept in the car and at the office UNTIL the meeting started. Then, he decided he wasn't very happy. I made all attempts to keep him happy until, thankfully, the meeting was over. We then attempted a little bit of work before heading to "PD FUN DAY" at a local park. Of course, he fell asleep in the car on the way TO the park and slept for a little bit there. During this time, I kept thinking, "YOu're not supposed to sleep at the park. You're supposed to sleep at the office!". He woke up shortly after and was one crabby boy. I tried to walk him around the park, swing, stroll him around, etc. to no avail. Again, I broke out the Tylenol and that seemed to help (eventually, after we left the park, of course). I called Ryan on the way out of the park with crying baby in the background and proceeded to cry myself. We were planning on going back to the office, but then I couldn't figure out why I would do such a thing, and we headed home to work instead. THIS is the fabulous part of the job...the ability to do things like that! So, he napped a bit til Ryan got home and I ran out the door to another staff meeting. <>

Thursday: 9am meeting-- stood most of the time to keep Con-man quiet, gave him his bottle, and kept his car seat rocking in order to keep him sleeping. Headed to one of my houses where he slept initially. I had his car seat out on the washing machine in the laundry room, and one of the residents walked in there, walked back out and said, "Can someone please take the baby off the washing machine?!". Funny stuff. Slept on and off and then we were homeward bound about 4 or 5.

Friday: WE STAYED HOME! Woop-woop! He slept in til about 8:00 which was FABULOUS. We worked upstairs for a bit (which wasn't so fabulous), but then he took a good afternoon nap in the comfort of his own crib and I spent the day doing some email inbox spring cleaning, making phone calls, etc.

Now that I have reflected on the week, I can't remember why I had so many times that I wanted to pull my hair out. Seriously-- it was probably the worst week yet and I threatened Ryan that we would be starting FT Daycare soon, but now that the weekend is over, I'm ready to go back to the "routine of non-routine" tomorrow. He has almost a full day of daycare tomorrow, then he'll be with me the rest of the week.

AND NOW that I just re-read what I wrote (since I actually started this post yesterday morning and finished today), I need to clarify a couple of things...
*I'm not drugging my son with Tylenol. He really does seem to be teething! ;)
* I LOVE the little guy like crazy, but I know that any mom can understand the moments that you want to pull your hair out. Riiiiight?

That's that. We've had a VERY low-key weekend and Conley has been rocking the sleeping! He woke up 2 times on Friday-Saturday (Ryan's night to get up) and 3 times last night (my time to get up)....BUT he slept til 8:00 and 8:30 respectively AND he's taken some great naps. This is what happens when his mom isn't carting him around all day. My plan for the week is to start trying to put him on some sort of a schedule so we can make this working thing go a little smoother. Wish us luck! :)

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  1. this sounds so stressful :( Kudos for you for tho, Conley has one great mama!