Thursday, March 11, 2010


Today was D-day. Day 1 of daycare! Phew--glad it's over!

It went really well though. I managed to keep the tears in my car on the drive to and from daycare, and didn't cry in the house when I dropped him off. He was there for 5 hours and I only called once. Our daycare lady, Tanya, texted me a picture of him once too which was super nice. He was pretty well-behaved there, except for some major meltdown cries, which were apparently gas-related. And he slept. A lot. Then, I picked him up and we headed back to the office together for a few hours.

I'm really happy with the family we went with. She's so amazingly flexible--she will take him for an hour or as long as we want and is also willing to help out in the evenings. She only charges $4 an hour and has 3 of her own kids (ages 3, 5, and 7) who provide Conley with the ultimate in entertainment. That's it. Him and her kids. It's a perfect situation I think, and the flexibility is amazing.

Perfect, except that mama isn't with him the whole time, which makes it "almost" perfect.

What a much more productive 5 hours I had though! Jeepers! :)

On a side note--Conley is sitting up for about 25-30 seconds before tipping. What a big man.

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