Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Major Change

Ryan called me at work on Friday to say that his boss had called him. My immediate thought process was not necessarily positive. Not based on Ryan, but based on the company he works for. Turns out that he got offered a different position. Hold the phone....that new position is during the DAY. D A Y. What does that mean? It means that a) Ryan excepted the position and will have a ton of new stuff to learn. This will be more of an administrative desk job rather than a dirty hard labor job, b) He will now work from 7a-4p Monday thru Friday and c) RYAN AND I ARE GOING TO SEE EACH OTHER DURING THE WEEK NOW!!!!

It's very exciting. Different, but exciting. We actually had dinner together tonight!!! I'm so so so thankful that this is happening now so that when the baby comes we'll actually have time together as a family. It's absolutely perfect timing.

The job is different for him and the first days (or weeks) of new jobs always stink as you're learning, but overall, it's pretty darn exciting!!!

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