Tuesday, September 8, 2009

29 weeks

When September hit, it struck me that the baby is coming in 2 months! Holy moly!!!

Here's our outlook:
Next weekend-Ryan has a softball tournament
Weekend after- Scrapfest 2009 with Christy (woot-woot!)
Weekend after- home for the Tyler/Abbott Shower
Weekend after-- my birthday :)
Weekend after-- home for a shower from my sister
Weekend after-- THAT's THE MIDDLE OF OCTOBER!!! 1 month til baby!!! YIKES

So, the game plan is that, in all the craziness, we try to make sure we're settled by that 1 month til baby mark. Showers will be done, so at that point we can figure out what we still need and make sure we're "settled". WOW WOW WOW.

Speaking of--here's a COUPLE more pics to show our progress... I sure did blog lots of posts and pics today!

Yay! We have a crib! Baby has a bed! Woo-hoo! :) We borrowed the crib from Brenda and Corey and they told us that lots of swearing would be involved in the set up process, but Ryan did really well. Probably because he had such a good instruction giver. :) Nice to look into the baby's room and actually have it look like a baby will be living there some day!

And on one more baby note--baby is moving like CRAZY! It is so distracting because I want to watch my belly move or feel for the movement all the time. Today I covered my belly during a meeting because I swear they would have been able to see my belly move from across the table. Weird! (Yet the coolest most incredible thing ever!!!)

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